Police warn residents of recent larcenies from unlocked cars

By Scott BolthouseHub Editor–ScottBolthouse@HuronHub.com

Police are warning residents to lock their vehicles at night after a rash of larcenies have occurred in the area.

The Huron Township Department of Public Safety issued a notice to the community Wednesday morning to inform residents about recent larcenies that have occurred from unlocked vehicles.

Several larcenies have also been reported out of Romulus and appear to be connected.

Romulus police released a video on their Facebook page of an alleged suspect. View the video here.

In one instance in Huron, a caller reported a suspicious person in their area on Oct. 31, which possibly scared a thief away.

Here is the full statement from the department of public safety:

Our department, along with neighboring communities, have received several reports of larcenies from vehicles. Some of the reports and suspect descriptions have been consistent with those reported in neighboring communities.

In the early morning hours of October 31st, we received a call from a vigilant resident about suspicious activity in their neighborhood. We had several cars respond and were in the area within minutes. It is believed that the vigilant resident scared the suspects and they fled the area. A very short time later, the Romulus Police Department had a similar incident inside a neighborhood in relatively close proximity to where our incident occurred.

All of the incidents appear to be occurring in neighborhoods within close proximity to the freeway. To my knowledge, all vehicles that have been entered have been unlocked. While I in no way believe that it excuses the behavior of a thief, it unfortunately makes it easy for them.

We will continue to work closely with our neighboring communities to address this issue. This is another reminder to PLEASE LOCK YOUR RESIDENCES AND VEHICLES and do not leave weapons or other valuables in your vehicles overnight. We also ask that you report any suspicious activity or persons inside your community immediately to us at 734-753-4400. Even if it is someone who belongs in the community, they should be thankful that people care enough to report what they see as suspicious.

Anyone with information in regards to the suspects in this investigation, please contact the Huron Township Police Department immediately at 734-753-4400.


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