Police officers graduate from specialized training programs

Lt. Leo Girard (left) and Sgt. Bryan Tyitye.

By Scott BolthouseHub Editor—ScottBolthouse@HuronHub.com

Two veteran Huron Township police officers graduated recently from specialized training programs.

On Oct. 13, Sgt. Bryan Tyitye graduated from the Eastern Michigan University School of Police Staff and Command Executive Leadership Program. Tyitye graduated with an academic grade of an A+.

Lt. Leo Girard graduated from the National Computer Forensics Institute (NCFI) Computer Evidence Recovery training sponsored by the United States Secret Service. Girard is now a certified Mobile Device Examiner.

The program Tyitye graduated from consists of a 10-month training program which convenes for one 40-hour week per month.

Eastern Michigan University’s School of Police Staff and Command has a reputation for excellence, Public Safety Director Everette Robbins said, and is supported by quality instructors and law enforcement professionals who make up the foundation of this unique educational/training program.

“Our goal is to provide our public safety command staff with consistent and professional training as it relates to their leadership in delivering quality service to our residents. The Eastern Michigan School of Staff and Command is one of the preeminent programs in the country that focuses on the executive level training and development,” said Robbins.

“Sgt. Tyitye is the true example of a leader who challenges not only himself, but all of us to be better every day. Sgt. Tyitye never has a bad day and his positive attitude is contagious.”

Some facts about Tyitye’s career with Huron Township police:

–1995, began his career with the Huron Township Police Department.
–Been the Summit Academy School Liaison Officer for past 11 years. DARE Certified.
–Worked in Western Wayne auto theft; recipient of HEAT Officer of the year in 2004. Currently one of the departments two salvage inspectors.
–One of two supervisors of Huron Township Explorer Program.
–2015 graduate of the National Computer Forensics Institute (NCFI) Computer Evidence Recovery training sponsored by the United States Secret Service.
–Awarded 2016 Huron Township supervisor of the Year
–Wants to thank his wife, Linda, and his four daughters and energetic grandson for their love and support.

“It was a very proud moment for Sgt. Tyitye to be with his wonderful family as he received his certificate. This is a very intense training which includes a master’s level research project. The residents can look forward to a presentation of his research project at an upcoming board meeting; his project will be something that enriches the already great relationship we have with our community. He represented our community well and he should be proud of his efforts,” Robbins said.

The NCFI training that Girard graduated from was federally funded and there was no cost to Huron Township, which includes the equipment used for these investigations.

“I am very appreciative and proud of Lt. Girard for this accomplishment. I am appreciative that he would spend a month away from his family to bring this new expertise and resource to our residents. I am very proud of the professional way that he represented our department throughout this process. I thank not only him, but his family that gave him so much needed support during this process,” Robbins said.

Information about the training, from the NCFI website:

“Today’s high-tech environment presents new challenges to law enforcement and the justice system as cyber criminals exploit computers, mobile devices and the Internet to threaten our banking, financial and critical infrastructures. Digital technology is used to commit any and every type of crime. Therefore, it is imperative to address the changes in technology by providing training on cyber-investigative techniques and by sharing current expertise.

The National Computer Forensics Institute’s (NCFI) innovative facility and strategic partnership serve to substantially enhance law enforcement efforts to suppress the continually evolving and increasing number of electronic crime cases affecting communities nationwide, as well as improve and strengthen the prosecution and adjudication of those cases.

NCFI training courses are offered to state and local law enforcement, prosecutors and judges through funding from the federal government. Travel, lodging, equipment (in some classes), and course fees are provided at no costs to attendees or their agencies.”

“As I said when Sergeant Tyitye graduated from the computer forensics training, this opens many doors for our department as it relates to computer cell phone crimes which are more prevalent than ever before. A large number of crimes are committed through ever changing technology. We now have the ability to immediately investigate cellular phone and computer crimes such as child pornography, bullying, etc.; this is a huge step for our department. We are definitely doing all we can to get ahead of the curve when it comes to investigations,” Robbins said.

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