Officers honored for taking impaired drivers off the streets

Officers Thomas Smith and Derek Lazarski with Public Safety Director Everette Robbins (left) and Deputy Chief Mark Perkins.


Two officers with the Huron Township Police Department were honored as award nominees and recipients from the Mothers Against Drunk Driving association.

Officers Thomas Smith and Derek Lazarski were honored during a ceremony held by the association on Sept. 29.

Smith was nominated in the “Outstanding Officer” category. His nomination read, “Officer Thomas Smith requested to work the midnight shift to allow him to focus on impaired driving. In 2016, Officer Smith let the Huron Township Police Department with 40 alcohol related driving arrests and earned an assignment to the Traffic Services Unit.”

Lazarski was nominated in the “Outstanding Rookie” category. His nomination read, “Officer Derek Lazarski focused on efforts towards impaired driving, and led with the second highest operating while intoxicated arrests, 37, for 2016.”

The Huron Township Police Department as an agency was recognized as an “Outstanding Law Enforcement Agency.” The nomination read, “The Huron Township Police Department put an emphasis on enforcing impaired driving laws in 2016. As a whole, the officers made 137 impaired driving arrests for 2016.”

“There is nothing more important than getting impaired drivers off the streets. We will never truly know the number of lives that the hard work of our officers saved, but even one is worth the effort. I thank each of our officers for their hard work and dedication to this effort,” said Public Safety Director Everette Robbins.

Source: Huron Township Department of Public Safety

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