Huron Township police officers commended


Officers Keith Nappo (left) and Troy Rickelmann.

By Scott Bolthouse — Hub Editor —

Two Huron Township police officers were commend recently following an encounter with a resident traveling on I-275 in the township.

Officers Keith Nappo and Troy Rickelmann were commended by Police Chief Everette Robbins for a job well done after the resident contacted the police department in an email to express his appreciation for how the officers handled a dangerous situation on the freeway.

“I received an email from a community member regarding your actions involving a traffic incident on I-275 in which a boat had come apart from a trailer causing quite a bad situation for the community member,” Robbins said in the letter of commendation.

With the resident during the incident was his 4-year-old daughter who the officers were able to put at ease during the situation.

The email from the resident to Robbins, dated Sept. 5, said:

“They were kind and helpful, but more important they were kind to my daughter. They actually made her an honorary officer and gave her a sicker. She didn’t know what was going on, and it could have been a horrible experience for her but their kindness and thoughtfulness was beyond the call of duty. In fact, when we got home all she could talk about were the officers, and she wanted to show everyone her sticker.” 

Robbins said that in a time when negative stories are often reported about law enforcement, it’s refreshing to hear the good encounters that happen daily between officers in Huron Township and the public.

“We often hear the negative comments about law enforcement,” he said in the letter. “Seldom do we hear of the many things officers such as you do to protect our safety on a daily basis. In this instance, you went above and beyond to make sure that a father and his young daughter had a positive experience out of something that could have potentially been traumatic for them.”

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