STEM lab opens at Renton Junior High School

Renton Junior High officially opened up their new STEM lab (science, technology, engineering and math) with an open house on the evening of Monday, Aug. 28. Superintendent Richard Naughton, along with building principal Kurt Mrocko, welcomed guests to view and interact with students in the new lab.

Among guests to attend was Wayne County RESA Superintendent Dr. Randy Liepa. Dr. Liepa toured the full lab, speaking to both staff and students about some the new equipment; which includes 3D printers, laser engravers, a vinyl cut printer, and even a bench-top CNC (computer numerical control) milling machine. The staff and the students helped explain to guests some of the practical uses for the machines in the lab, and how they are used in the curriculum.

Other guests to the lab included township treasurer and former school board member Colleen Lazere, former long time school board member Alice Ferguson, current school board members, as well as parents of students in the Huron School District.

Current Renton students were also there to explain the new engineering kits that are a part of the new curriculum. These kits help the students explore real world problem solving through computer-based modules that include building and computer coding to come up with an acceptable solution.

Naughton thanked the people of Huron Township in his remarks. He stressed that this lab would not have been possible without their support on the Wayne County millage vote last November.

Source: Carrie Fisher, assistant principal

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