Applefest parade cancelled due to bridge closure

A group of boy scouts marches in the 2014 Applefest parade. This year’s festival will be missing the popular attraction due to the Waltz Bridge closure in downtown New Boston. (Photo: Scott Bolthouse–The Huron Hub)

By Scott Bolthouse — Hub Editor —

This year’s Applefest will have to carry-on without one of its most popular attractions.

The Applefest parade, which for decades has crossed over the Waltz Bridge and passed through downtown New Boston right near the heart of the festival, will be canceled due to the bridge closure.

The cancellation was confirmed Friday by Tina Brooks Green, who has been parade chair for 25 years and is also vice chair of the festival.

Green said that after thinking it through, the decision made by the Applefest Board came down to public safety.

“We were going to try and do a limited parade, but we have to be very sensitive to public safety,” she said.

“Our concern is having visitors from out of town coming in, who might not know the bridge is closed, coming off Sibley Road and creating a bottleneck of congestion near the festival area.”

The intersection near the Waltz Bridge is already heavily congested during the festival, but the bridge closure is likely to have a more obvious impact during the 2017 festival, which is scheduled for Oct. 7 and 8.

“It was a hard call, but we were not comfortable with having the parade this year,” Green said. “All options were considered.”

Kaye Bird, spokesperson for Wayne County, said Tuesday that there are no substantial updates on the progress of the bridge repair, and that a report will be released in the coming weeks.

The festival will still run as scheduled with just a few minor adjustments made, organizers say.

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2 thoughts on “Applefest parade cancelled due to bridge closure

  1. Ken

    I sent Representative Camilleri an email regarding the slow action on the bridge. No response… Nothing, just like the news on the bridge.


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