Residents graduate from Huron Township citizen police academy

Members of the 2017 citizens police academy stand with the Board of Trustees and public safety officials during the Aug. 9 board meeting. (Photo courtesy Huron Township Department of Public Safety)

By Scott Bolthouse — Hub Editor —

Over a dozen Huron Township residents graduated from the Public Safety Department’s 2017 citizen police academy during the Aug. 9 Board of Trustees meeting.

The academy was a 10-week program that focused on educating its members on the operation of the police and fire departments in Huron Township.

Several areas of policing and firefighting were covered during the program including the history and current state of the police department, computer forensics, human trafficking, K-9 unit, major crimes investigations, use of force simulations, fire department operations and fire equipment demonstrations.

“One of the things that we have always prided ourselves on is our relationship with our community. Community Partnerships continues to be one of our core values,” said Public Safety Director Everette Robbins.

“This was a very special group of people. Many nights, I was not sure if they were learning more from us, or we were learning more from them.”

The list of graduates includes: John “Bear Claw” Wagner; Donna Wagner; Tracie Fazekas; Joseph Fazekas; Thomas Chiles; Donna Mendrysa; Angie Cady; Stephen Glaab; Paul Ozog; Matthew Lividini; Krista Williams; Courtney Rhodes; Anthony Joquico; Cory Pengelly.

Graudate Anthony Joquico is currently attending the police reserve academy and plans to serve in the the police department’s reserve unit.

Robbins said that Sgt. Robert Kelch deserved to be honored for his role in leading the program.

“Sgt. Kelch deserves a lot of credit for the success of this class. This was truly his vision and I thank him for the time and energy he put into this project,” Robbins said.

Sgt. Robert Kelch (left) and Public Safety Director Everette Robbins.

Graudate Angie Cady expressed the importance of the citizens academy in a letter written to the police department.

“The class topics were very informative and the guest speakers were interesting and knowledgeable,” she said in the letter.

She continued: “This program, I hope, will go a long way in educating township residents about what is truly happening in the township instead of what is being ‘guessed about’ on social media.”

The Department of Public Safety plans on making this an annual event. An application process will be announced before the next program, which is scheduled for April 2018.

1 thought on “Residents graduate from Huron Township citizen police academy

  1. Linda Spangler

    Great job HTPD! As a lifelong resident I have seen the PD go through many transitions. I am so proud of the current status & the quality leadership that has evolved under the direction of Public Safety Director Everette Robbins. I would like to thank ALL the staff at the Huron Twp. Police Department & congratulate Sgt. Kelch on this great opportunity he brought to our residents. I believe we have one of the best Police Departments in the state if Michigan lead by a great group of individuals. Again thank you for protecting our great community because of all of you we live in a safe & wonderful community.


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