Waltz Bridge set to close June 1 for repair work

The Waltz Bridge in New Boston

By Scott BolthouseHub Editor

Motorists who use the Waltz Bridge in New Boston will have to seek an alternate route starting Thursday morning.

The Waltz Bridge is scheduled to close June 1 at 9 a.m. for repair work on the bridge bearings, Wayne County Roads Division says.

Bridge repairs are estimated to take approximately six months and are weather dependent.

The west side of the bridge will remain open for pedestrian traffic. 

The following detours are suggested:

Southbound: Huron River Drive to Sibley Road, proceed eastbound on Sibley Road to South I-275 to South Huron Road heading west, then take South Huron Road to Waltz Road.

Northbound: Take Waltz Road to South Huron Road, proceed east to I-275 North, then take I-275 North to Sibley Road, and follow Sibley Road to Huron River Drive.

For updates on the repair work and other questions, contact Wayne County Roads Division at 1-888-ROAD-CREW.


5 thoughts on “Waltz Bridge set to close June 1 for repair work

  1. Dana Ferguson

    My thought is, didn’t they just spend months doing repair work on this bridge last year?

    1. kristi miller

      they took forever last year to fix it and let’s face it. It wasn’t fixed. They give no advance warning. I don’t like finding out about it when I’m about to turn right at the stop light and there is a sign that says Road closed. How about posting signs before the fact so I can figure out an alternate route.

  2. Jennifer Ledingham

    Still waiting for bridge to be fixed it is ridiculous that it is taking so long as far as I’m concerned what do our taxes go for get it fixed


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