Airport Authority police release statement regarding suspicious person incident at Crosswinds Marsh

Crosswinds Marsh. (Photo/Scott Bolthouse)

By Scott BolthouseHub Editor

Airport Authority police released a statement Wednesday afternoon regarding an alleged suspicious person incident that occurred at Crosswinds Marsh that was reported on social media over the weekend.

The Huron Hub first reported about this story on Tuesday after Huron Township police said that their department does not have jurisdiction at the marsh.

Here is the statement from Airport Authority police in full:

On Friday, May 5, 2017, the Airport Authority Police Department received a call about a man, with a female passenger, driving around Crosswinds Marsh in Sumpter Township. The caller was concerned the man was following her and two other young women. Less than 20 minutes after being dispatched, an officer arrived at the scene. Although the man had already left the park, the officer was able to interview the woman who reported the incident and obtain the license plate number of the vehicle. During the course of the investigation, the officer learned the vehicle’s owner does not have a criminal record and determined a crime was not committed. Nonetheless, the Airport Authority Police Department recommends men and women always remain aware of their surroundings, regardless of their location.

Crosswinds Marsh is a safe, family-friendly nature preserve. An emergency call box is located in the parking lot, which connects callers directly with the Airport Police Department’s dispatch center. Crosswinds Marsh was constructed to mitigate wetlands that were disturbed due to major capital improvements at Detroit Metropolitan Airport. It opened to the public in 1997 and is maintained by Wayne County Parks. Hundreds of species of birds, fish and mammals can be spotted at Crosswinds Marsh including bald eagles, egrets, herons, muskrats, fox, coyote and whitetail deer. The park features boardwalks, hiking trails and equestrian trails.

The emergency phone at the marsh is located in the middle of the main parking lot. A map of the marsh shows the exact location of the phone, which connects callers directly to airport police dispatch.

If the phone cannot be accessed, Airport police dispatch can be reached at 734-942-5212.

(Photo/Crosswinds Marsh Wetland Interpretive Preserve Facebook)

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