Willow Road scheduled to close soon for Belden Drain construction

The detour directs motorists to use Waltz, Rust, and Felt Roads to drive around the closure.

By Scott BolthouseHub Editor

Update: Since publishing this article, the Huron Hub has received information from the township stating that the closure of Willow Road has again been delayed, and will now start May 8 and run through May 12. More here: http://wp.me/pMi3g-1pi

Willow Road will be closed soon, between Denning and Rogell, with special access allowed to those living within the closure.

The Belden Drain, which runs through the area, is under construction, causing the road closure.

A detour for Willow Road, between Waltz and Rust, directs motorists to go north to Felt Road, then back south to Willow Road.

6 thoughts on “Willow Road scheduled to close soon for Belden Drain construction

  1. Melissa

    Just curious why there is no article about someone hitting a power line at the intersection of willow/Waltz yesterday in the early afternoon… Around 12:30when I drove thru.. Power lines were a crossed the vehicle, police and fire dept were there, directing traffic and to make sure people were safely going around this incident… Hope everyone is ok

    1. Scott Bolthouse Post author

      This is the first I’ve heard about an accident, Melissa. If I do hear anything, I’ll post an article, so make sure to check back. Thanks for visiting the Huron Hub.

      1. Barry

        Now that Melissa has alerted you to this accident, do you have a way to check it out? It looked pretty grim with possibly multiple vehicles involved and a significant emergency response.

      2. Scott Bolthouse Post author

        Sorry, Barry. But accident information isn’t really something I’m privy to, but if I do hear anything, I’ll post an article. Thanks for visiting the Huron Hub.

    2. Carol

      I was wondering the same thing as I arrived at that intersection within a couple of minutes of the accident just as the police were arriving. There was also a very smashed up vehicle in the ditch.

  2. Jerry Uchtorff

    That is a nice detour but people should know Rust and Felt are either dusty or mucky washboards. Also the trains like to block Felt for long periods of time. It would be nice if the County would grade and chloride the roads before Willow closes.


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