Police say thieves are targeting unlocked cars, properties in Huron Township

By Scott BolthouseHub Editor


Thieves are targeting unlocked cars and properties in the area, according to Huron Township Police.

In a warning posted to residents on their Facebook page Sunday morning, the department reminds the community that cars, houses and other property needs to be locked up at all times.

“The Huron Township Department of Public Safety would like to ask for the public’s help by locking their vehicles, residences, and outbuildings when not occupied. It is that time of year in which thieves are looking for easy targets,” the post said.

In once recent instance, a thief rummaged through a car, found its keys inside, and then drove off with it.

“We have had several reports of larcenies from motor vehicles over the past few days, all from unlocked vehicles. During one incident, as thieves were rummaging an unlocked vehicle, they located the vehicle’s ignition keys and took the vehicle. The vehicle was located by the Huron Township Police Department a short time later; the vehicle was not damaged.”

The rest of the post said:

“Thieves are looking for an easy score and will most likely move along from a locked vehicle or residence to find an unlocked one.

The Huron Township Department of Public Safety understands that we all wish we lived in a world where we could leave our doors unlocked. Unfortunately, that world does not exist no matter where you live. This is not unique to our community. Let’s work together to spread the word to our neighbors, families, and friends to secure their belongings. We also ask parents to know where their children are during the hours of darkness.

Anyone with information or possible video evidence is asked to contact the Huron Township Detective Bureau at 734-753-4400.”


1 thought on “Police say thieves are targeting unlocked cars, properties in Huron Township

  1. Private resident

    There is nothing but crime in this place ,the huron estates refuses to hire or do anything about all of this..also they don’t do very good background checks either ,tons of sexual predators, sex offenders,felons,etc.. this place needs more help from the city and or police in the midnight hours..and check out the wanted ppl that are in this community every day/ night there is a burgerly of vehicles or trailers ,a lot of drug dealers and teenagers smoking weed in here at the park..this place is worse than detroit.. management speeds threw here they don’t stop for stop signs.just this morning the leading agent was speeding up threw the entrance and almost hit me… please help us residents have some safety and peaceful resolution from all this ..the kids can’t enjoy life due to crime and drugs around here…detroit does sweeps to help the city ..please help us..sincerly concerned resident


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