Severe weather awareness week in Michigan aims to inform citizens as we enter storm season

By Scott BolthouseHub Editor

It’s severe weather awareness week in Michigan, and communities across the state will be sounding off their alert sirens on Wednesday at 1 p.m.

In Huron Township, the department of public safety will not sound off the alarms on Wednesday. The department made a Facebook post Tuesday morning letting the community know that the sirens in the area are tested regularly on the first Friday of each month at noon.

“We regularly test our emergency sirens and believe this test could cause confusion to residents. We ask that you instead use that time to research and develop an emergency action plan for yourselves and your families,” the post said.

The department of public safety also lended residents some information about severe weather, and how to be prepared in the event that is occurs in the area. They also explained their method for sounding the alarms. Below is a copy of the post:

“Huron Township is equipped with eight emergency notification sirens strategically positioned throughout the township. In the event of an emergency that requires the public/community to be notified through the use of the township siren system, the following procedure should be followed:

1. In the event of inclement weather (severe thunderstorm with possible severe damaging winds of 65mph+, large hail or tornado warning), the sirens will be activated. The community response to the activation should be to seek shelter on the lowest level (basement) of their dwelling or inside a nearby building if outside or in a mobile home.

2. If no basement is available, move into the interior area of the building with as few windows as possible and take cover. Residents inside mobile homes should move to an emergency site inside their park if the current conditions permit such a move.

3. If the siren system is activated and there is no apparent bad weather, residents are advised to tune into local TV and radio stations for possible public service announcements which may be related to a non-weather emergency condition (i.e. hazardous material spill, wildfire, Nuclear Power Plant condition etc).

4. Based on Huron Township’s location within Wayne County, the monitoring of neighboring counties (Washtenaw, Monroe and Lenawee) takes place in an effort to obtain as much advance severe weather condition information as possible.

Actual weather/emergency related siren activation cycles run steadily for 5 minutes. Please be advised, activation cycles may be repeated during an incident to ensure residents are alerted to the situation at hand.”

Click here for a whole slew of information about severe weather alert week in Michigan.


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