88-year-old resident watches as two men break into, ransack his home

By Scott BolthouseHub Editor

Two men broke into an 88-year-old Huron Township resident’s home overnight between Saturday and Sunday and ransacked it while he was inside.

The man, who lives in the 33000 block of Sibley Road, called police early Sunday afternoon to report the incident, Public Safety Director Everette Robbins said.

According to the resident, two white men entered the home sometime between 7:30 p.m. and 4:30 a.m. and demanded $100 cash.

When the resident told the men that he didn’t have the cash, they ransacked the home and fled the area.

Nothing of value appeared to be missing from the home.

Robbins said that the man living in the home could only provide police with limited information about the break-in because of his health condition.

“Although the victim was unable to provide certain information due to his health, we believe that this incident occurred and are taking it very seriously. The investigation is ongoing and we will continue to work it into the evening and overnight hours,” Robbins said.

Robbins also said that the police department’s evidence tech unit and detective bureau investigated and were able to find forensic evidence at the home, which will be transferred to the Michigan State Police lab for forensic analysis.

“We are hopeful it will allow us to identify the suspects,” he said.

“We ask our residents to remain vigilant, lock your doors, and report anything suspicious to us immediately. We are a great community that is well known for looking out for each other. If you know of a senior citizen living alone, please take the time to check on them. This gentleman lived in his home for more than 70 years and deserves to feel safe. It is a shame that these cowards took his feeling of security away and prey on those that are vulnerable. We promised him that our officer would check on him throughout the evening and overnight hours and will certainly make good on that promise.”


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