Man driving stolen car rams Huron Township police cruiser during pursuit through several cities

21-year-old Joshua Robinson of Wayne rammed a Huron police car three times during a pursuit that originated in Huron, and ended in Livonia. Photo courtesy of Huron Township Police Department.

By Scott BolthouseHub Editor

A 21-year-old Wayne resident  was arrested March 11 after he rammed a Huron Township police car during a pursuit that spanned for several miles and involved multiple police agencies.

At about 4:47 p.m., Huron officers on patrol in a fully marked vehicle attempted to pull over a speeding driver, identified as Joshua Robinson, in the area of Sibley Road, west of Inkster.

A license plate check of the car Robinson was driving showed that it was reported as stolen recently out of the Walker Police Department.

Robinson then fled from police and rammed their cruiser three times during a pursuit which reached speeds of 85 mph, Public Safety Director Everette Robbins said.

The pursuit finally ended near Farmington and Six Mile Road in Livonia, where Robinson went off the road and was taken into custody.

Michigan State Police and Canton Police assisted in the pursuit.

Check out police radio traffic during the chase, courtesy of the Huron Township Police Department. 


No officers were hurt during the pursuit, and Robinson received treatment from Huron Fire Department for minor scratches.

“This is another example of the great, professional police work being done day in and day out by our staff. This is exactly how this is supposed to work. The good guys go home safely to their families and the bad guy goes to jail,” Public Safety Director Robbins said.

Robinson was arraigned in the 34th District Court on six felony charges, including receiving and concealing stolen property, fleeing police, assault with a dangerous weapon, assaulting a police officer, malicious destruction of property and motor vehicle theft.

“I cannot stress the importance of our officers conducting traffic enforcement in our community. Because of their self-initiated traffic enforcement, a felon who proved to be dangerous by ramming a patrol vehicle multiple times is behind bars. With the fact that he was driving a stolen vehicle, it is reasonable to think that this arrest may have stopped a vehicle theft from our community or something worse,” Robbins said.

“I want to personally thank our dispatch staff for their work during this incident. Their professionalism and calm demeanor during this incident cannot be overstated. Emergency 911 dispatchers are the unsung heroes on many occasions; I appreciate the hard work they do each and every day for our residents.”


3 thoughts on “Man driving stolen car rams Huron Township police cruiser during pursuit through several cities

  1. lexie

    if huron fire treated him that means he went untreated untill he was put in a jail cell in huron township .he was arrested in Livonia then loving should have treated him that seems like a lot of charges added the comment of Google guys and bad guys is subject to opinion not saying the suspect is a good guy but neither is huron township police js

    1. Jamie

      Agreed. She must be a special kind of stupid. And has had her share of being in trouble. People that speak her nonsense must be no stranger to the law. The special kind of criminal that the article specks Of wasn’t even injured either to where he needed treatment.
      And yes he was/is the bad guy you morons.
      Those are not trumped up charges.
      Also did it say he was injured and needed medical help. I don’t believe it did but I’ll stand corrected if it did .


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