Church crochet group knits dozens of blankets to help comfort grieving children


Susan Schwartz (left) and Sue Holls stand behind a large stack of newly made blankets inside of St. Paul’s Church in New Boston on Feb. 19. The blankets will be distributed to area hospitals and given to help comfort young children who lose a sibling and to prematurely born babies. Photo courtesy of Linda Dyer.

By Linda Dyer–Guest Contributor

St. Paul’s started a knit/crochet group to make remembrance blankets for siblings of babies who do not make it home from the neonatal intensive care unit. Members of the congregation along with others in the community joined together to make small but very soft blankets to be distributed by the NICU nurses to siblings affected by the loss of a brother or sister. Snuggling a soft blanket, sized similar to ones their baby used in the NICU can be such a comfort not only to parents but siblings as well.

In just four weeks, this group produced 40 blankets and is currently working on more! Yarn initially purchased by the knitters themselves, is now donated by generous individuals interested in maintaining the ministry. Only one brand/type of yarn is used for these blankets to be sure they are all of the same fiber. This allows for ease of caring for the blankets, making them not only a wonderful keepsake, but durable for use by children day-to-day.

The knit/crochet group gives all glory to God for placing this ministry on the hearts of members and friends of St. Paul’s to comfort those in grief. St. Paul’s welcomes anyone interested in either knitting, crocheting, or helping to fund future yarn purchases to contact Susan Schwartz at The goal of the group is to supply remembrance blankets not only for Spectrum Health NICU, but other local NICUs as well.

A second group of ladies  brought their sewing machines together last Thursday and were instructed by Sue Holls. Together they made small soft flannel blankets for “babies who were born to soon.” While sewing, all the ladies involved in this charitable project, experienced feelings of love and compassion as they made these cozy bereavement  blankets.

The bereavement blankets and the NICU sibling remembrance blankets were dedicated by Pastor Schwartz at Sunday morning worship service before being donated to the various hospitals.

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