Fire department makes crucial upgrades to equipment


By Scott BolthouseHub Editor

The Huron Township Fire Department has made several much needed upgrades to their equipment, according to Public Safety Director Everette Robbins.

“Each of the upgrades to our fire department were long overdue and very much needed by our staff. As a public safety family, only two things really matter in a time of crisis, one, that our residents are safe, and two, that each one of our firefighters make it home to their families each and every night. We think we have made significant improvements to make sure those things happen,” he said.

“Our Fire Department is definitely a department that is on the rise. What Chief Hinojosa has been able to do working side by side with his staff in such a short time has been amazing.”

New equipment slideshow. Photos courtesy of Everette Robbins. 

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A list of the upgraded equipment and costs, courtesy of Public Safety Director Robbins:

  •  Grass fire slide unit. The purpose of this unit is to maneuver into small spaces that a full-size engine cannot reach. This has the ability to spray water or foam. The fire department will benefit from the use of this unit while fighting grass and field fires.
  •  Six brand new self-contained breathing apparatus with 12 air bottles. Complete with 20 AV-3000 masks with voice amplifiers. These are used to assist firefighter breathe in hazardous atmospheres. Each front-line engine is now equipped with two of the new SCBA’s. Previously, Huron Township Firefighters were using SCBA’s that were 1994 compliant.
  •  Ten used SCBA 2007 compliant Self-contained breathing apparatus with 20 air bottles and ten masks. These were purchased through a state bid auction from the City of Rochester Hills. These were purchased for a tenth the cost of a new unit. Our front-line engines now have three of these on each. This now ensures that all Firefighters on each engine have access to an updated SCBA Unit.
  •  SCBA fill station purchased from the City of Romulus at one-fifth of the cost of a new fill station. This gives our firefighters the ability to fill air tanks to capacity in the event of a fire. The previous air tank was unable to fill the SCBA tanks to capacity shortening air time for firefighters inside a hazardous atmosphere.
  •  In January 2017, Huron Township Firefighters were fighting a house fire for more than eight hours in 14-degree weather and 30 mph winds. All of them were wearing boots that were more than 16-years-old, some held together with rubber cement or patching material. The firefighters boots were all filled with water at the end of the incident. 18 pairs of boots were purchased as emergency replacements. A special thank you to the Applefest committee for a major contribution to the purchase of the boots for OUR firefighters.

“We are thinking outside of the box and using every resource available to improve every area of our fire department. Our men and women deserve it as do our residents. If our firefighters can’t protect themselves, then they can help those they protect,” Robbins said.

He continued: “Something that makes me proud is the dedication and selflessness of our fire staff. Not once did a firefighter complain, even in 14-degree weather for eight hours with their boots full of water. They used the tools they were given and got the job done without hesitation to protect our residents. My thanks and appreciation goes out to each and every one of them.”


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