Township board welcomes Tony’s Coney Island to New Boston

ribbon cutting

Supervisor David Glaab and Harry Elmazaj, restaurant owner, cut the ribbon to the new business on Jan. 26, along with members of the Huron Board of Trustees and employees at Tony’s Coney Island. Photos courtesy of David Glaab.

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor

Members of the Huron Township Board of Trustees welcomed Tony’s Coney Island to New Boston during a private event held Jan. 26.

The restaurant, located at 19250 Huron River Drive, opened to the public on Monday.

The building has been under renovation since the summer, and was originally named Harry’s, before a name change occurred.

board with owner

From left: Treasurer Colleen Lazere, Supervisor David Glaab, Owner Harry Elmazaj, Trustee Jeremy Cady, Clerk Kathlene Van Wasshnova, and Trustee Michael Glaab.

“Harry Elmazaj did a fine job restoring the building and improving a major intersection in New Boston. We wish him success with the new restaurant,” said Supervisor David Glaab.

Elmazaj also owns Harry’s Corned Beef and Ham in Lincoln Park.

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