Camilleri introduces legislation providing relief for seniors from vehicle registration fees

State Representative Darrin Camilleri

State Representative Darrin Camilleri

LANSING — State Rep. Darrin Camilleri (D-Brownstown Township) has introduced a bill to help counteract the latest round of vehicle registration fee increases for Michigan’s senior citizens. The legislation would exempt those aged 65 or older from having to pay the increased fees as a result of the controversial road funding package that was passed in 2015.

“Michigan’s senior citizens are already struggling to cope with recent tax and fee increases, and paying more to register their cars is another hit to those living on a fixed income,” Camilleri said. “I’m proud that my first piece of legislation will provide seniors the relief and certainty they deserve in their retirement.”

As of Jan. 1, registration fees for passenger and commercial vehicles increased by 20 percent. Michigan would join Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and South Carolina as states that offer vehicle registration discounts to senior citizens, while Alaska waives the fee for seniors altogether. Camilleri’s bill is a reintroduction of House Bill 5939 from the previous legislative session. Despite bipartisan support, the House majority declined to hold a committee hearing on the bill.

“I understand the need to make repairs to our infrastructure, but we should not be repaving our roads on the backs of those who can afford it the least,” Camilleri said. “I look forward to seeing my bill receive a hearing, and I will continue to work toward infrastructure solutions that ask a fair share from individuals and businesses alike.”

Source: House Democratic Caucus communications secretary



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