Two men arrested in connection to recent truck, snowplow thefts in Huron Township

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor

Police say two men were arrested Dec. 29 in connection to several recent truck and snowplow thefts that occurred in Huron Township.

Keonta Deshawn Dickerson, 21, from Highland Park, and Richard Daniel Brown, 26, from Warren, were caught on surveillance footage at Huron Market, 26012 Waltz Road, following the thefts of two Ford trucks equipped with snowplows from Bush and Sons trucking, 38735 Willow Road.

In the footage from the market, which is about a half-mile away from the trucking company, detectives observed a black pickup truck just after 5 a.m. head east on Willow Road, which turns north onto Waltz Road, Public Safety Director Everette Robbins said.

Several seconds later, a vehicle with a snow plow is seen making the same turn and, soon after, a white pickup makes the same turn.

Then, a pickup with a snow plow on it turns down the same road with a dark passenger vehicle following it.

This information was then relayed to all officers on duty at the department.

On Dec. 29 just after 2 a.m., Huron Township and Sumpter Township police were dispatched to check the area of Judd Road regarding a stolen truck and snowplow out of Warren which had a GPS tracker.

At the property, vehicles matching the descriptions from the Huron Market video were located by Sumpter Township and Huron Township officers, along with a vehicle stolen out of Warren.

The men were arrested at the property.

Four cases of stolen trucks were either cleared or recovered by police, Robbins said. In two of the cases, snow removal equipment and a truck was recovered by Huron Police out of Detroit.

Robbins said the two men were traveling through and entering the township at the southern border.

“It is hard to understand why criminals think it is ok to steal things that others work so hard for. Our Detective Bureau worked tirelessly to collect evidence, conduct surveillance and ultimately were able to take these thieves into custody. Hopefully, they will get the justice in the court system that they deserve,” he said.

Both men are charged with six counts including motor vehicle theft — a five year prison sentence — receiving and concealing stolen property, and being habitual offenders.

They are being held in the Wayne County Jail on $25,000 bonds.

“A reminder to our residents to look out for each other. We live in a rural area and it is important that citizens report any suspicious activity immediately. We are happy to check out anything that doesn’t look right. If you wonder if you should call the police, you probably should,” Robbins said.


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