Police make several arrests, pull over hundreds of drivers during ‘Operation Blue Light’


By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor

Huron Township police made several arrests and pulled over hundreds of drivers during a special initiative named “Operation Blue Light,” a collaborative task force involving 68 state and federal police agencies throughout the region.

The operation, which took place between Dec. 19 and Jan. 1, was designed to improve safety on area streets and roadways and disrupt the criminal process.

Departments and agencies that participated in the operation beefed up their patrols and made themselves more visible during the holiday season.

In Huron Township, police stopped 672 vehicles, wrote 677 citations, made three felony arrests and 25 misdemeanor arrests, impounded 25 vehicles, and arrested eight people for having outstanding warrants.

“This operation came at a great time during the holiday season where theft crime levels are at their highest. This gave us an opportunity to increase our visibility even more than usual,” said Everette Robbins, director of public safety in Huron Township.

“I want to make sure our residents know that this operation was about much more than traffic citations.”

He added: “Many of the crimes that we usually see at this time of year were lower in numbers or non-existent. Many of the misdemeanor arrests listed were for drivers operating under the influence or without a valid license. This in turn removed many unsafe drivers from our roadways.  I appreciate the efforts of our officers to make our community an even safer place to live and travel through.”

Among the several other local law enforcement agencies that participated in the operation, Huron Township was one of the smaller departments involved in the crime fighting initiative.

“While we were one of the smaller police agencies that participated in this effort, our officers and dispatch staff really stepped up and put up statistics comparable to many of the larger departments. Although these stats only reflect 14 days, it is very indicative of the work that our officers put in on a daily basis,” Robbins said.






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