Police, firefighters take local children on Christmas shopping spree

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All photos courtesy of the Huron Township Department of Public Safety

On Thursday, Dec. 22, 2016, The Huron Township Police Department was honored to participate in the Shop with a Cop program. We were fortunate to get to spend the evening with Ian, 6, Zachary, 3, Preston, 5, Jazmine, 9, and Dakota, 1. They are some amazing young people who we had a great time getting to know. They are what Christmas is all about. We are glad Santa will be good to them this year.

This year, we were excited to be joined in this event by member of the Huron Township Fire Department. Their presence made this event better than ever for the children.

As each child arrived at the Police Station, every child also got a brand-new winter coat by R.P. and Helena Lily courtesy of the Huron Township Good Fellows Program.

We started the evening off by pairing each child with a Huron Township Police Officer, Huron Township Firefighter and a generous volunteer or two. Each child got a private ride in a Huron Township police car or Huron Township fire truck to have a night out shopping. Prior to leaving, each kid got the chance to get into the police car or fire truck and turn on the lights and ring the sirens; probably their favorite part of the evening.

We traveled to the Meijer store in Flat Rock where we each kid got to go on a shopping spree, not only for themselves, but their family as well. Each parent also went on a shopping spree of their own to help with Santa’s arrival on Christmas morning. Special thanks to Courtney Rhodes and the entire staff at the Meijer in Flat Rock for going out of their way to make this a special night for these children. The families were each given a gift card to ensure that all the families had a great family Christmas Dinner.

“I am so proud of our Public Safety Department for coming together to make this a great Christmas for so many families. We certainly have to give the community the credit for coming through for these families, but it sure was fun for all of us to be able to meet the families,” said Public Safety Director Everette Robbins.

“We were very pleased to have the Fire Department join us this year and hope to have them with us every year. They truly were a big hit. We gave all five kids the choice to ride in either the police car or the fire truck to Meijer. All but one picked the Fire Truck and I couldn’t blame them, who doesn’t want to ride in a fire truck. This event from now on should be called Shop with a Hero. Our front-line fire and police officers really are heroes in many different ways and I thank them for that.”

Source: Huron Township Department of Public Safety



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