Public Safety Department hosts question and answer forum, offer safety tips for seniors



On Tuesday, Dec. 6, Huron Township Director of Public Safety Everette Robbins, Huron Township Fire Chief James Hinojosa, and Captain Brad Bauman attended the monthly Senior Center meeting.

Each month, as well as this meeting, Director of Public Safety Everette Robbins speaks to the attendees of the monthly meeting and offers an opportunity for a question and answer session to address any questions or concerns they may have in regards to public safety. At the conclusion of the question and answer session, Director Robbins delivers a few police safety tips to help the residents (See Below for this month’s tips).

Newly appointed Huron Township Fire Chief James Hinojosa also gave the attendees a chance to interact with him and answer any questions they may have in regards to their fire and medical safety. After his interaction with the members, he also provided them with relevant safety tips from the fire department perspective (See below for this month’s tips).

At the request of many of the senior center meeting regular attendees, the Huron Township Fire Department will begin performing glucose testing and blood pressure checks monthly at the senior center meetings for seniors who request such services. Captain Brad Bauman performed approximately 15 glucose tests and approximately 20-30 blood pressure checks at Tuesday’s meeting. This will be a service that will be offered monthly for any senior citizen that requests the service.

It was also announced to members of the meeting that the Huron Township Fire Department will begin offering in home assistance for senior citizens that need assistance changing the batteries in their smoke detectors or need carbon monoxide detectors checked. This assistance is also available to anyone who believes they are not able to complete the task. Seniors that attend the meeting can contact Marlene Krause who has offered to maintain a monthly list of those requesting assistance. For those that do not attend the meeting or are unable to sign up at the meeting, please email Huron Township Fire Chief James Hinojosa at for assistance.

“There is nothing more important to us than the relationship that we have with the Senior Citizens of our community. I look forward to meeting with them every month. I never lose sight of the fact that Huron Township is the great place that it is to live because of the hard work and efforts of many of the people that sit with me in that room each and every month; we can never do enough to repay them,” Public Safety Director Robbins said.

“Hopefully this is the beginning of an even better relationship between our Seniors and the Public Safety Department. We welcome their ideas for how we can assist them. We want them to know we are, and always will be there for them,” he said.

Fire Chief Hinojosa added:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the senior citizens for allowing the fire department to be a part of the monthly meeting. As your Fire Chief, I look forward to offering this service to all of our seniors from here forward and seeing what more we can do for them in the future.”

Director of public safety’s tips for seniors (december meeting):

  • During the Christmas season or any time of the year, make sure all blinds in your home are closed anytime you are sleeping or away from home. This will help deter would-be thieves who target homes based on items that are visible inside the home as well as the would-be thieves not being able to immediately verify if a resident is home or has a large protective animal in the home. Many times, a non-visible home will deter a criminal and they will move on to another residence.
  • If you purchase or receive high priced items such as televisions or computers, do not leave the boxes visible at the curb on garbage day if possible. This will alert and tempt would-be thieves that you have new valuables available inside your home.
  • If you make a purchase a package and have it delivered through a service such as UPS or Federal Express, contact a neighbor and alert them that you have a package coming in case you are not home. If you see a suspicious person or vehicle following a delivery truck, contact the police immediately.

Huron Township Fire Chief James Hinojosa safety tips for seniors:

  • Reminder that during the Christmas season, if you have a non-artificial Christmas tree to keep it watered and make sure that the tree has UL approved lights. Keep the tree away from open flame like fire place, or wood burning stoves.

Source: Huron Township Department of Public Safety



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