Huron Estates resident falsely claims that police refused to respond to break-in


A man who lives in the Huron Estates mobile home community claimed Wednesday morning that someone tried to break into his home, and that police would not respond to the incident. Huron Public Safety Director Everette Robbins says the claims are false, and that false reports like this are illegal. Photo courtesy of Everette Robbins.

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor

Huron Township Police have a message for the community: don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

Huron Township Public Safety Director Everette Robbins says that Wednesday morning, a resident in the Huron Estates mobile home community falsely claimed on a Facebook group page called Huron Estates Community Group that someone had kicked in his front door and shattered the glass around the door, and that Huron Township Police refused to respond to the indecent.

Robbins said police met with the man personally following the posting, and that the man admitted to never calling police to report the incident in the first place.

“We will respond to every citizen request for police that is called into our dispatch,” Robbins said.

It appears to police that the man may have a personal issue with another person, and that the damage may have stemmed from that.

And after his department dealt with a similar incident just a few weeks ago regarding a false claim, Robbins wants the community to know that postings like these are dangerous and also illegal.

The man who made the claims will not face criminal charges, according to Robbins.




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