Police resolve two separate suicidal gunman situations within hours of each other


Huron Hub file photo

Huron Hub file photo

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor

Huron Township Police peacefully resolved two similar but separate calls Nov. 26 — both involving armed and potentially suicidal men.

According to Public Safety Director Everette Robbins, Huron Police first responded to a well-being check in the 23000 block of Waterview just after 7 a.m. Saturday.

When officers arrived, they discovered a 35-year-old Huron Township man with a gun who was claiming to be suicidal.

The Downriver SWAT Team, Downriver Crisis Negotiation Team and the Sumpter Police Department responded to the home and assisted during negotiations which lasted over 12 hours.

At about 7:20 p.m., the man surrendered and was taken to Heritage Hospital in Taylor for evaluation.

Robbins said he doesn’t expect the man will face any criminal charges related to the incident.

While the first call was in progress, Robbins says a second call came into dispatch at 3:30 p.m. reporting that another suicidal male was armed and in a wooded area near Michigan Memorial Cemetery.

When officers arrived at the cemetery a short time later, they located a 36-year-old Brownstown male who was armed with a handgun and threatening to kill himself.

Robbins said officers maintained a perimeter around the man and began face to face negotiations.

This incident ended over 2.5 hours later when the man surrendered himself to police.

He was taken to Southshore Hospital in Trenton for medial evaluation, and Robbins also does not expect him to receive any criminal charges.

“It is not often that you have two armed individuals who want to harm themselves happening at the exact same time. The fact that everyone, including the suicidal subjects, went home safe at the end of the day is a credit to the officers that handled themselves in a professional manner under tough circumstances,” Robbins said.

“At a time in our country where the police are sometimes seen as the enemy, it was a proud moment for me to see our officers come together and do whatever it took to make sure both individuals got back to their families safely for the holidays. We had officers that came in that morning to volunteer to help with collecting money for the Goodfellows program, but quickly had to transition to a much more dangerous assignment and did so without thinking twice. That is the part of this profession that I wish more people could see.”

Robbins also thanked the Sumpter Police Department, the Downriver Crisis Team and Downriver SWAT for their assistance during the negotiations.

“We really cannot thank the Sumpter Township Police Department enough for their support in this incident. They responded without hesitation and we would not have had the resources to maintain a safe perimeter without them,” he said. “We truly appreciate the assistance of the Downriver Crisis Negotiation Team as well as the Downriver SWAT Team. They are well respected teams in the downriver area and a big reason that this incident turned out with everyone going home safely.”

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