Monroe man, 19, dies in fog related head-on crash in Huron Township

Willow Road between Otter and Clark in Huron Township. Source: Google Maps.

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor

A 19-year-old Monroe resident died Sunday evening from injuries sustained during a head-on crash that occurred in Huron Township, according to the Huron Police Department.

Public Safety Director Everette Robbins says that Huron Township police and fire units, along with Sumpter Township Police, responded to the area of Willow Road between Clark and Otter Roads at 8:23 p.m. regarding a traffic accident.

When units arrived, they found the man, identified as Noel Ryan Noble of Monroe, deceased at the scene.

The 32-year-old Sumpter Resident driving the second vehicle was not injured in the crash.

Robbins says the heavy fog in the area Sunday evening may have caused the crash.

“The fog was very heavy last evening and left drivers with very limited visibility on the roads,” Robbins said.

“It appears from our investigation that the uninjured driver was unable to see the curve in the road and hit Mr. Noble head on. It is important for drivers to slow way down during these conditions or stay off the roads if possible.”

Robbins said that based on an initial investigation, alcohol or drugs do not appear to be a factor in the crash.

The Downriver Crash Response Team was called in and assisted with the investigation, and Willow Road, in both directions between Otter and Clark, was shut down for several hours while the investigation took place.

“Our condolences and prayers go out to Mr. Nobles family. It is every parent’s worst nightmare to get the knock on the door that they received last night. No parent should have to get that news. If anything positive can possibly come from this, maybe it can be a great reminder for all drivers to slow down and be aware of their surroundings, especially as we head into the winter driving season,” Robbins said.

The Huron Township Department of Public Safety notified the community of the crash and road closure through its Facebook Page as well as through a Nixle communication Sunday evening.

The department encourages residents to follow their Facebook page and sign up for alerts at



12 thoughts on “Monroe man, 19, dies in fog related head-on crash in Huron Township

  1. stephanie noble

    This 32 yr old sumpter person has the nerve to say sorry but u are still alive aren’t u u will not know how we feel because u are a live and noel isn’t so maybe ur lesson should be much greater u took a childs life u will forever have to live with what u did so ur sorry isn’t welcome at this time. Its so sad we lost my cousin we are all greatly hurt right now not to happy this 32yr old lived smh
    Stephanie Noble

    1. crystal phenix

      I know it just isn’t fair.. He took a great young man!! My nephew was a fine human being and my sisters only child.. How do u know who he was

    2. John wall

      How do you know that this man didn’t have a family as well? it could have been his child out there too. This was an accident under bad driving conditions. You don’t know the mental state of this man right now and saying such negative things doesn’t make you a good person. Just remember that it could have been anyone out there. Don’t think that this man doesn’t feel devastated for the accident he was involved in. Many people can read your comment. We all can see where you are coming from but you all have to understand that this was an accident under bad driving conditions. Your words seem very hurtful to this man. Don’t think that he’s not affected too. Prayers go out to both families involved.

      1. crystal

        I’m sorry I have no sympathy for him.. He still has his life ..he wasn’t paying attention probably on his phone or speeding.. Just because he wasn’t drinking or on drugs doesn’t mean he was in the right.. Yes it was foggy but I drive all the time in fog it just means you go slower and take more precautions.. My nephew was 19.. 19 just started life ..he was 32yrs old he should of been a better driver .. I believe speeding played a role ..if he wasn’t speeding MY SISTER WOULD STILL HAVE HER SON.. IDC ABOUT THIS MAN OR HIS FAMILY OR NOTHING..MY NEPHEW WAS A GOOD BOY..I JUST NEED TO HEAR IT FROM HIM WHAT WENT WRONG.. I NEED TO KNOW.. UNTIL THEN I PRAY HE SEES MY SWEET NEPHEWS FACE EVERYTIME HE BLINKS

      2. Crystal

        Answer me this! IF HE WASNT SPEEDING OR DRIVING CARELESS IN THE FOG MY NEPHEW WOULD STILL BE ALIVE! IT WOULD OF JUST BEEN AN ACCIDENT , MAYBE FEW BROKEN BONES BUT HE WOULD STILL BE ALIVE.. THAT CAR WAS TOTALED MY NEPHEW DIED INSTANTLY !! THERE FOR YOU CANNOT TELL ME HE WAS DRIVING CAUTIOUSLY ..HE WAS SPEEDING.. UNTIL HE TELLS ME DIFFRENT OF WHAT HAPPENED I WILL CONTINUE TO MAKE SURE THIS IS COMPLETELY INVESTIGATED AND PROVE HE WAS SPEEDING AND MURDERED MY NEPHEW!! DID U GO SEE THE RESULTS AFTER?? THE SKID MARKS IN THE ROAD? U GO THERE AND LOOK AND TELL ME HE WAS DRIVING CAUTIOUSLY .. Accidents do happen I was in an accident before thank god I didn’t hurt nobody but myself. The guy was unharmed.. He was so caring to me! I got off of working 20hr shift I dropped my pop and it rolled under my brake pedal and I couldn’t stop.. Yes it was my fault I should of made sure it was secure before driving especially being so tired

  2. SCOT

    I truly hope this 32 yr old man is remorseful and full of regrets and that the comments he made @ the tow yard were fabricated and that he doesn’t care more about his beloved truck than the fact that he took a life???!!!!!!

      1. Scot

        I pray it truly was just a horrible accident and that this 32 yr old man who lived just down the road wasn’t drinking or under the influence of anything he shouldn’t have been before making the decision to drive in those foggy conditions! Either way this tragedy was preventable and this man was fimiliar with those curves like the back of his hand and if he absolutely had to use that road at that time should’ve used far more caution!!!

      2. crystal

        Scott drugs or alcohol didn’t appear to be a factor but however I believe speed was do to how hard the car was hit, you are not even suppose to do speed limit and he was probably texting and not paying attention and also I know ppl who know him and he’s an active addict.. I wrote him a message telling him who my nephew was and how he was my sisters only child and how close they were! And told him his hood was replaceable but my nephew isn’t.. He deleted everything then deactivated his Facebook.. Didn’t even say sorry..

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