Meet the candidates: Colleen Lazere running for treasurer in Huron Township

Editor’s note: As the election draws near, the residents in Huron Township would like to hear more about each candidate that is running for office or reelection.

Back in April, I invited every person running in Huron the chance to use the Huron Hub as a platform to get their voice heard. All letters were written personally by the candidates themselves, and were left unedited.

Readers can access previously published candidate letters HERE. Make sure to scroll down to view all submissions.

Colleen Lazere

Colleen Lazere

My name is Colleen Lazere and I am running for Huron Township Treasurer. For those I have not had the pleasure in meeting I want to give you a chance to get to know who I am and why I am running.

It started twenty-one years ago when I moved into Huron Township. I had attended a Huron School Board meeting after hearing community members say that the district is hopeless, in financial ruin and that things would never change. The Huron School District was falling apart and the 1.2 million dollar debt wasn’t being addressed. I wanted a better district for my family and for my community.

A few months later I ran for the Huron School Board and was elected. From day one I reviewed the budgets line by line, analyzing all income, questioning all expenses and keeping the focus on the education of our children. It took many battles but we were able to diminish all the debt and are now one of the top-rated school districts in Wayne County. This was not by luck. This was not from a growing economy with a higher tax base. In fact, funding is lower now than it has ever been for Michigan schools. This was from forward thinking, dedication and listening to the community members.

However, now my attention is focused on Huron Township where I am beginning to hear the same worries about hopelessness, financial struggles and that things would never change.

We deserve leaders who are willing to put in the full effort with creative and resourceful solutions to our issues. With budgets always being a top priority, we have to be able to ensure that our core services remain intact no matter what the economy throws at us. We need strategic planning where we define our short-term and long-term visions and accomplish them with bold initiatives that move Huron forward.

Here is what you can expect from me, if elected.

Financial Stability

The issue with most municipalities is that they do not plan accordingly for when property taxes begin to diminish, resulting in a lower revenue stream. I have proven, with my time on the school board, that future planning and maintaining financial stability is one of my strengths. When a struggling economy strikes again we should be able to maintain our core services, such as public safety, without any cutbacks.

We need to ensure short term and long term financial goals are not only met, but that the budget priorities reflect the objectives of the board for the best interest of the community.  Addressing our unfunded liabilities, planning for the future and building relationships with the county and state will enhance opportunities for the entire township.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

One of the key factors to surviving a medical emergency is speed.  I understand that every minute is crucial and that timely treatments drastically improve the outcome of many critical conditions.  Our residents should not have to wait for medical services to come from outside our township’s borders.  We deserve in-house response teams.  The current board elected to hire a private company to cover our emergency medical services because of poor financial planning.  This has posed a major safety concern within our community.  If elected, I will work diligently in reviewing and securing all funds.

Accessible & Transparent

I will be in the office. I will answer your emails and phone calls. I will make certain that all bids, contracts, agendas, minutes and budgets are posted  in a timely manner. I will remain focused on the needs of the community by building relationships and gaining your trust.

The Pinnacle Property

Every day we continue to drive by the overgrown weeds and bitterness of allowing such a bad decision to plague our township.  The land is owned by Wayne County but that does not mean we do not have a voice. We need to be building strong and assertive relationships with Wayne County to figure out what avenues can be taken to bring beauty back to Sibley Road.

Listed below are a little more details about me and some additional qualifications

  • Resident of Huron Township for over twenty years
  • Married and have four children and seven grandchildren
  • Huron School Board Member for over twenty years
  • Huron School Board President for seven years
  • Huron School Finance Committee for twenty years
  • Associate of Science in Laboratory Technology
  • Actively pursuing accounting degree
  • Member of St. Stephen Parish
  • Member of the Local Development Finance Authority
  • Member of the Michigan School Board Association
  • Member of the American Society of Clinical Pathologist
  • Former Parks and Recreation Chairperson
  • Former Huron Schools Band Booster
  • Former religious education teacher

You may contact me with questions or concerns at 734-753-3827.



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