Meet the candidates: John Chont running for trustee in Huron Township

Editor’s note: As the election draws near, the residents in Huron Township would like to hear more about each candidate that is running for office or reelection.

Back in April, I invited every person running in Huron the chance to use the Huron Hub as a platform to get their voice heard. All letters were written personally by the candidates themselves, and were never edited by me.

Readers can access previously published candidate letters HERE. Make sure to scroll down to view all submissions.

John Chont

John Chont

Thank you for this opportunity to address you the residents of Huron Township.

My Name is John Chont, I am 66 years old and am seeking a chair on the Township Board as a Trustee.  I am running as a republican but don’t think that party affiliation means anything in small town politics. I have two children, one son Kevin 35 who resides in Chicago as a financial bank counselor,  recently, he  graduated from Northwestern University with his MBA. I also have a daughter McKayla 19, who everyone knows and loves. I have had two employers my entire life. My mother and current one.  My main employment for the last 32 years has been with Northfield Mfg. where I hold the position of Maintenance Supervisor. I am their main problem solving guy for all aspects of keeping the shop running, whether it be in the office or on the shop floor. I am their Go Too Guy for everything. No day is ever the same in my line of work. I deal with all situations/problems that come up during the day and projects that are planned down the road.  It is stressful and challenging but it keeps my mind working and young. I am a member of the Huron Township Rotary and have recently served two consecutive one year terms as its President and am currently the secretary. I sit on the Township LDFA keeping an eye on future development in the township hoping to in entice industrial growth without creating another problem that already exists with the railroad. I am active in charities and enjoy doing so.  I have studied both Civil and Mechanical Engineering at Michigan Technological University and Wayne State leaving with a senior status. I left school to help save a fledging business due to the sickness and passing of our Father in 1970. Dad”s passing, left my mother with six children, me being the oldest at 19 and the youngest was 4. The business had been going downhill due to dad’s illness with 2 years of back taxes being owed and the third coming due. Slowly we made payments and are going strong once again.

The Chont Family has had roots here in this township for over 75 years. Many of the new residents aren’t familiar with the Chont name but everyone knows the Waltz Green Acres Sod Farms.  It has been in the sod business since 1958 being here for the last 58 years as a sod farm. Previously my dad was a dairy farmer giving up the factory life of a graduate with a  Mechanical Engineering degree.  The only thing that has changed in the sod business is the distance of the sod deliveries, which are getting closer than where it was 50 years ago. It used to take a full tank of gas to make a delivery. Not anymore, now, some are as close as across the street.  As a family we have control of over 15 million square feet of property here in Huron Township. We are one of the largest independently family owned properties left the township. For this reason alone I feel that I should be on the board representing all the other larger property owners. It is this rural community that has attracted all you new residents here. Put me on the board to keep it this way by giving me this opportunity to serve.  I will serve the full term baring any catastrophic health issues. I will try my best to serve the community in this position. I know that the worst I can do is only please at least 51% of you. Hopefully that percentage can be higher in my voting record. I will not be politically correct when dealing with issues by pleasing the minority but will please the majority, even though the minority always seems to be the loudest.  I will not be anyone’s puppet. I will not be intimidated by anyone’s aggressive actions and I will vote the way I tell you that I am going to vote on all upcoming issues.  I will not be wishy washy on my stance or in my voting. I will not be afraid to go against the majority board members and vote NO, when I feel I should.  I have been known to have ruffled a few feathers by questioning some of the actions taken by this current board and have no intention of stopping. As far as advertising my name on every street corner, I will only have one sign up in the township and that will be on the farm homestead. I refuse to litter up the township with all the signs that are currently being displayed throughout the area. Look at Romulus, it is nothing like you see here. I will not handle situations to be politically correct but will call a spade a spade, a heart a heart and a diamond a diamond. My bluntness might be my downfall, sorry but I don’t plan on changing. Some look at my bluntness as an asset, saying, at least you know where I stand.

Back in the late 60’s my dad was asked to run for treasure by John Brandes with him running for supervisor. He accepted his invitation and put his name on the ballot but had a rough partnership breakup and his first heart attack forcing him withdraw. Maybe this is me following in his footsteps of his intended dream.  Therefore I ask for your vote this coming election to give me a chance to represent you. Thank you for this opportunity to address you in asking for your support.


John Chont


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