Michigan Memorial Park walking club raises over $3,000 for ‘Women Celebrating Life Downriver’


From left: Rebecca Kaplar, chairperson of the Women’s Celebrating Life Downriver; Charlie Saganek, Michigan Memorial Walking Club; Barbara Ballard, Michigan Memorial Walking Club; Kelly Dwyer, president, Michigan Memorial Park; Bill Elwell, Michigan Memorial Walking Club; Corey Calderone, president, Michigan Memorial Funeral Home, receive the contribution from Michigan Memorial Park and Michigan Memorial Funeral Home. Photo courtesy of Michigan Memorial Park.

“Women Celebrating Life Downriver” was recently the recipient of a surprise gift in the amount of $3,324 donated by Michigan Memorial Park and Michigan Memorial Funeral Home on behalf of their walking club.

Kelly Dwyer, president of Michigan Memorial Park stated, “Every year since 2011, Michigan Memorial Park donates one dollar for every mile walked during the month of August. The three members who log the most miles during that time period then select an organization to receive the funds. This year, top walkers Bill Elwell, Charlie Saganek and Barbara Ballard chose ‘Women Celebrating Life Downriver’ whose goal is to support women as they fight breast cancer.

“In another exciting development, Michigan Memorial Funeral Home decided to match the gift made by Michigan Memorial Park which increased the donation by 100%. We’re thrilled to be able to help people in our communities and support the great work of our many non-profit groups.”

Since 2011, Michigan Memorial Park has donated $10,542.00 to six local charitable organizations on behalf of the 113 walking club members, an average of $2,100 annually.

For further information about the Michigan Memorial Walking Club, please visit MMP’s Family Service office for an application. The club is active from April 1 through October 31.

For further information about “Women Celebrating Life Downriver, please visit their website at www.wcldownriver.com .

Source: Michigan Memorial Park



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