Huron Township, Flat Rock Firefighters take part in distracted driver accident scene simulation in New Boston


Firefighters from Huron Township and Flat Rock train at a distracted driver accident scene simulation on Sept. 22, 2016 at Swift Transportation’s New Boston Terminal. Photo courtesy of Denise Adkins.

We would like to say thank you to  the Huron Township and Flat Rock Fire Departments, as well as the Huron Township- Flat Rock Firefighter Explorers, for taking part in our distracted driver accident scene simulation on Sept. 22 here at our New Boston terminal.

This was an amazing opportunity for us as a terminal and a company to be part of this needed training and educational project for our community. This was a collaborated effort with the fire departments, our shop and our drivers. Most fire departments and/or first responders do not have the opportunity to train on semi trucks. Semi trucks are very different from passenger cars and trucks; the structure and materials are different.

Kevin Finley and Bill Ciuray, from our shop, played a key roll in helping the fire department understand the structure of the cab, possible entry points for extrication, as well as possible problems they my have with the equipment they use. One such issue is the type of blade they used when cutting through the roof of the cab. Kevin spoke with the firefighters and advised them which blade will work better with less chance for breaking. This is just one example of how us working together made a difference.

Overall, this training allows the fire departments to serve the public better, keep our communities and loved ones safer. We are honored that our idea for this training was received and encouraged by the fire departments and our drivers.

We are working on having this type of training at least twice a year and hope that other fire departments will take part and help us keep our communities safer.

We would also like to thank Joey from Joey’s Towing in Detroit for donating the cab and the car, as well as donating his drivers time to deliver them to us and help stage the scene with our shop guys and gals.

Photos courtesy of Denise Adkins.

Source: Denise Adkins, Swift Transportation



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