Students smash school’s fundraising goal, principal rewards them by getting slimed


Principal Corey Pengelly of Brown Elementary in New Boston gets slimed by a group of students on Thursday, Oct. 20. Pengelly promised the school’s nearly 600 students a chance to slime him if they reached their goal during a recent fundraiser. Photo by Scott Bolthouse–The Huron Hub.

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor

“Slime him! Slime him!” echoed through the walls of Brown Elementary’s gym and cafeteria Thursday morning in New Boston.

Hundreds of students were chanting the phrase because their principal, Cory Pengelly, was about to get slimed by a select group of students.

Pengelly promised the school’s nearly 600 students the chance of a lifetime — the ability to slime their principal — if they reached their school-wide goal during a recent fundraiser that started in September and concluded during the first week of October with a “fun run” event.

In an amazing show of support for their school, students at Brown raised over $28,000 through 919 donations — smashing the original goal of $20,000.

All students who raised $50 or more during the fundraiser were handed a plastic cup filled with green slime, and dumped it on Pengelly, who seemingly had as much fun as the students did.

Photos by Scott Bolthouse — The Huron Hub
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