Board of Trustees reconsiders contract with Rizzo Environmental Services for township’s waste hauling needs

Photo/Scott Bolthouse--The Huron Hub

Photo/Scott Bolthouse–The Huron Hub

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor

The Huron Township Board of Trustees voted Wednesday morning to reconsider a contract with Rizzo Environmental Services that would have awarded the company the servicing of the township’s waste hauling needs.

The board originally approved the contract during the Oct. 12 meeting.

The vote to reconsider the contract was supported by six members of the board, with only one vote against from Treasurer Linda Spangler.

The board then unanimously voted to seek rebids for the waste contract.

Photo: Rizzo Environmental Services

Photo: Rizzo Environmental Services

Since the contract was approved during the Oct. 12 meeting, conversation grew on the Concerned Citizens of Huron Township Facebook page, where residents voiced their personal concerns about switching to a new trash hauling service.

Many residents were worried about recent reports saying that Rizzo Environmental Services is being investigated by the FBI for public corruption.

Others voiced that they are content with Waste Management’s current service, specifically how the township’s current trash hauler takes every item placed at the road, regardless of size.

The township will continue to use Waste Management for all waste hauling needs, and the issue will be brought back to the board once bids are resubmitted.

The contract with Waste Management expires in December. Members of the board expect Rizzo to submit another bid.

Here are the minutes from Wednesday’s meeting:


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