Huron Township Police will begin wearing body cameras


A photo of the exact body camera that Huron Township police officers will begin wearing. Photo courtesy of the Huron Township Police Department.

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor

Officers with the Huron Township Police Department will now be equipped with body cameras, Public Safety Director Everette Robbins announced Wednesday.

Robbins said that he believes the use of body cameras will significantly benefit both the community and his officers.

“The implementation of the body camera system is an important step for our department to enhance our level of service to our residents. They build trust and transparency which are vital factors in maintaining a positive relationship with the people that we serve,” he said.

Cameras will be assigned to individual officers, which will be attached to the uniform near the top of the officer’s torso.

The cameras will be activated when police respond to emergency calls, or while an officer is making contact with a member of the public. img_7074

Video footage, according to Robbins, will be downloaded on a daily basis or at the end of the officer’s shift.

Police officers will be able to view the downloaded video footage to help assist them during investigations, but they will not be able to edit or delete footage that is downloaded and stored.

Robbins said that the body cameras will not be worn by school resource officers working in the Huron School District or at Summit Academy’s schools. Officers on routine patrol will be equipped with body cameras when responding to either school, depending on the call for service.


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