Supervisor Glaab launches ‘Blue Lives Matter’ campaign in Huron Township


The decal, shown here, can be purchased for $10 at township hall, 2950 Huron River Drive.

At the Sept. 14, 2016 township board meeting, Supervisor David Glaab launched the Blue Lives Matter Initiative. He unveiled the “I support Huron Township Police” decal that he hopes many residents will display on their car or residence. When asked why he introduced this initiative, Glaab answered: “I wanted to give the residents of Huron Township a way to show their support for their local police officers who risk their lives every day to protect our families and property.” He added “nationwide, our police officers have become targets of thugs and assassins and maligned in the media. We have an outstanding police department under the leadership of Chief Everette Robbins and I think it is important our officers know they are valued and appreciated, hence ‘Blue Lives Matter.'”

Glaab added that each member of the township board has demonstrated great responsibility and solidarity in making sure our police officers have the equipment they need to perform their jobs safely. This includes the recent purchase of body cameras that will be assigned to each officer as well as the addition of a K-9 unit and the upgrading of the arsenal.

“I support Huron Township Police” decals can be purchased for $10.00 at the township hall. The proceeds will help fund the Police Explorer Program designed to expose the youth of the community to the positive virtues of a career in law enforcement and public safety.

Source: Huron Township Supervisor David Glaab’s office



5 thoughts on “Supervisor Glaab launches ‘Blue Lives Matter’ campaign in Huron Township

  1. Stephanie Sayler

    I posted this on Facebook, and I’m leaving it here, too:

    While we can all agree that the majority of police officers are working selflessly to protect the citizens, the Blue Lives Matter campaign is a direct response to Black Lives Matter. Promoting Blue Lives Matter during this current environment is discounting the experiences of people of color within our community and the need for improvements in police training and interaction with communities of color. This is an alienating campaign for the Township to support.

    Also… did he really say thugs? He’s toeing the line of overt racism, here… not even trying to be subtle.

    1. John Q Pub

      Stephanie, even though you are trying your best to make this a racial matter, it is not about being “response to Black Lives Matter” it is about being a direct response to the BLM members pushing for the assault and killing of Police Officers. It is almost sickening how you can take something like this and try to twist it.

      The real honest question would be….If Glaab cares so much for the Police of Huron Twp, why doesn’t he have a Full Time Police Dept. where our first responders are able to focus more on the safety of our township instead of having to work another job to pay to support their families? Instead they have to work another job (sometimes a full time job) to pay their bills.

      Much like the destruction being done to the Fire Dept.

      1. Stephanie Sayler

        While I do not doubt that some members of the Black Lives Matter community may advocate for assault and killing of police officers (just like there are rogue individuals who claim to be part of any movement/organization), violence against police officers is opposed by the movement. They advocate for “loving engagement”:

        The fact of the matter is, there was never a “Blue Lives Matter” campaign until there was a “Black Lives Matter,” making it a response to the movement: It’s not at all sickening to make it a racial issue – it’s ignorant to say it’s not.

  2. Amy

    Support the program not the sticker. This is a terrible message that will encourage hate. If I registered for a breast cancer walk, and everyone started calling me out and saying “ALL CANCER MATTERS.” That is the equivalent of this. Be a positive change, not a enabler of division.


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