Construction of new businesses making progress in New Boston

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor

Two new businesses currently under construction in New Boston are making headway, and hopefully residents will see an open sign lit in their windows in the near future.

Harry’s Corned Beef & Ham, a restaurant currently operating a location on Fort Street in Lincoln Park, is revamping the former Mary Ann’s Drive-Inn in downtown New Boston and opening a restaurant that will specialize in corned beef, ham, and many other coney island-type favorites.

The exact date that the restaurant will open is not yet known. Phone calls made to the owners of the Lincoln Park restaurant have not been returned.

The building sat vacant in the heart of New Boston for years since the old diner closed.

The new restaurant will be an obvious upgrade to the area, and will lend residents another option to eat in the community.

Heading north of downtown on Huron River Drive, a brand new building just south of Pennsylvania Road will house a Dollar General store.

The store was approved in February by the planning commission, and officials with the township hope that the area could be looked at for future developments.

“We want to make sure that this first commercial project along this route is something that we can point to for future projects in terms of landscaping, brick facade and nice architectural detail,” said John Enos, community development director, back in January.

According to their website, Dollar General, which has multiple locations in southeast Michigan, has more than 12,000 stores in 43 states and is America’s largest small-box discount retailer by sales.

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1 thought on “Construction of new businesses making progress in New Boston

  1. Jean

    Harry’s corned beef and ham restaurant very proud to be American. Flag has been flying since day one of construction p. We need more people like him.


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