Huron High School, Renton Junior High release students due to power outage


By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor

The Huron School District released students that attend Huron High School and Renton Junior High Monday afternoon due to a power outage that occurred on the east side of the township, affecting both schools.

Brown Elementary is also affected by the same power outage, but students who attend that school will stay until regular dismissal.

A voicemail was sent to parents at about 12:45 p.m. Monday afternoon from Huron School Superintendent Richard Naughton. It said:

“The east side of the township has a power failure. There is no power at Huron High School, Renton Junior High or Brown Elementary. If power is not restored by 1 p.m., Juniors and Seniors will be release at 1 p.m. Busses will be available for Junior High and High School students at 1:15 p.m,” he said.

“Brown Elementary is still in session. All students have been fed, all classrooms have window light, we are not dismissing them. We are dismissing the High School and the Junior High.”

Listen to the full voicemail sent to parents and staff here.

Check back with the Huron Hub for updates if they become available. 



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