Police test weather sirens in Huron Township


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By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor

Residents in Huron Township can rest assured that almost all of the emergency weather sirens located throughout the community are working properly, thanks to a routine check conducted Friday by the the Huron Township Police Department and the Department of Public Works.

According to Public Safety Director Everette Robbins, police went to each siren site during the test to ensure they were working properly.

Concerns first arose last Sunday, when the Huron Township Dispatch Operations Center activated the emergency sirens throughout the community due to a tornado warning that was issued for the area.

Robbins said his department received conflicting reports from residents about their ability to hear the sirens after their activation.

Although Huron Township dodged severe weather that evening, there was a reported tornado that did in fact touch down in the Monroe area.

“We took reports very seriously from residents that told us that they could not hear the sirens last weekend. I wanted to make sure that each site was working properly and if it wasn’t, make the necessary repairs. Our number one priority is to make sure our residents are informed and warned in the event of an emergency,” he said.

Seven sirens in the community were confirmed as working properly, which includes those located at: Will-Carleton west of Oakwood, Merriman north of West Road, Poplar north of Ash, Otter north of South Huron, Hannan south of Waltz, Bredow east of Middle Belt and Burrelle west of Bell.

An eighth siren, located near West Road and Middle Belt, was not working properly because, according to Robbins, it is an older siren that did not receive a recent upgrade to the system.

That siren is scheduled to be repaired, and was working as recently as last month’s routine test and will continue to be checked regularly after repair.

“There can be several variables that can dictate whether residents hear a siren or not. We had residents that lived on the same street, one reported hearing the siren and one reported that they did not. Sometimes where you are in your residence may affect why one person hears the sirens and one does not. We always want our residents to call if they think their siren did not work properly,” Robbins said.

“In addition to the emergency siren activation, we also sent out messages via Nixle and Facebook (Huron Township Department of Public Safety). I would strongly recommend that everyone sign up for both of those alerts if they can. Both are free services.”



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