Borrow books for free from the ‘read box’ at Lajko Park


The read box at Lajko Park in Huron Township was unveiled at the end of June. Residents can borrow or leave a book at their own will. Photo courtesy of Johan Sutton.

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor

A popular reading trend among other downriver communities as finally reached Huron Township.

At the end of June, a read box was unveiled at Lajko Park, located just north of Township Hall on Huron River Drive, and area residents are welcome to either borrow or leave a book.13537776_1201282159903112_327628745083256491_n

The Romulus Public Library will be tending to the box on a weekly basis. Residents can keep borrowed books as long as they’d like, and can return them to either the box or the library.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of Kathy Carlton-Beh

“The purpose of this project is to share books for all age groups, bring people together and create a community of readers,” said Kathy Carlton-Beh, Huron Township assistant to the supervisor.

The box will be available for use until early October.




1 thought on “Borrow books for free from the ‘read box’ at Lajko Park

  1. Helena Lilly

    It would be nice if one of the Boxes could be placed in the downtown area, maybe placed at the Historical House Lawn


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