Meet the candidates: Linda Spangler running for reelection as treasurer in Huron Township

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Linda Spangler

Linda Spangler

First and foremost; thank you for taking time out of your busy day to review some of the accomplishments made serving as your Treasurer of this great community. I’ve included my phone number if you have any questions or concerns.

19140 Craig Street
RE-ELECT – Huron Twp. Treasurer
DOB: 12/22/1963
3rd Generation Huron Twp. resident
1982 Huron High School Graduate-GO CHIEFS
Spouse: Daniel Spangler; MRCC Local 687 member, HPS Fabrications, Inc.
Children: Katie, 29 (2005 Huron High School Graduate), Sean, 21 (2012 Huron High School Graduate)
Grandchildren: Lincoln and Evangeline
Parents: Edna and Vernon Moore (deceased), UAW Local 387 member

Education & Membership:
1982 Huron High School Graduate
Wayne County Community College
Michigan Municipal Treasurers Institute (CMU Accredited)
Michigan Municipal Treasurer’s Association
Association of Public Treasurer’s United States & Canada
Michigan Recreation & Parks Certification
Michigan Recreation & Parks Association
Michigan Citizens Corps
Michigan Townships Association Governance Academy
Michigan Government Financial Officers Association
Michigan Women Finance Association
Huron Township Community Response Team (CERT)
Huron Twp. Good fellows

Past Positions/Volunteer:
Huron Athletic Booster Club Member 2000-2012
DownRiver Diamonds Assistant Coach, Treasurer & Secretary 2002-2004
Renton Jr. High Softball Coach 1999-2001
Huron Country Co-op Nursery Board Member 1998-2000
Liaison for the Greater Detroit Co-op Nursery Council 1998-1999
Vice President for the Huron Athletic Association Jr. Girls 1996-2000
Huron Little League (HAA) Softball Coach 1991-2000

Political experience:
2008-2016 Huron Twp. Treasurer
2008-2016 Huron Twp. Health Care Committee
2008-2016 Huron Twp. Negotiation Committee
2008-2016 Huron Twp. Grievance Committee
2008-2016 Michigan Municipal Treasurer’s Institute
2008-2012 Alliance of Downriver Watershed Liaison
2006-2016 Huron Twp. Policy Committee
2004-2008 Huron Twp. Trustee
2004-2016 Huron Twp. Parks & Recreation Liaison
2005-2012 Lower Huron River Watershed Inter-Municipal Advisory Liaison
2005-2012 Huron Township Capital Improvement Committee (disbanded 2012)
2005-2012 Huron Township Elections Committee
2005-2007 Recycling Commission (disbanded 2007)

Huron Twp. Accomplishments:

Assisted in the development & implementation of the Huron Twp. Parks & Recreation Master Plan.
Hired the first Recreation Director in over 25 years (see below “financial decisions”)
Spearheaded the acquisition of 80 acres to be developed into a future park. Assisted in the acquisition of the 22-acre Waltz Park.
Organized the award of $75,000 in park improvements at Lajko Park & the Waltz Park little league ball field.
Assisted in the development of our first Downtown Development Authority.
Assisted in the development of the township’s first Policy & Procedure Manual.
Led the development of the township’s first web site (
Updated investment strategies & procedures to gain a better rate of return on township investments.
Reorganized Treasurer Department staff to include cross training, reducing overtime & utilizing part time positions to save on legacy costs.
Proudly supported the hiring of our new police chief in 2014.

Financial Decisions: Over the past several years; through the recessions of 2008 & 2012

Had to lay off Recreational Director due to necessary budget cuts.
Since 2012 we have invested over $2.275 million into our retirees Healthcare Funding Trust to protect our retirees.

With a number of past failed public safety millages, we were forced to take measures to significantly cut expenses that the part time paid on call tax millage revenue could no longer support; by eliminating all but 2 of our full time Fire Department positions, we secured alternative EMS service to continue to serve the residents. We are currently working on a plan to implement a Public Safety Director to oversee and restructure an affordable Fire Department which will increase staffing levels and allow for greater opportunities to secure outside funding through collaboration of both Police and Fire Departments.

The Police Department has been restructured under new management and operation policies that have trimmed costs and generated new revenue. Growing their fund balance from $700,000 to approximately $1.4 Million.

Assisted implementing strategies to increase the township’s fund balance for all government funds while keeping expenditures at a stable rate over the past several years, allowing our fund balance to increase. In 2015 the townships governmental revenue increased approximately 8% while our expenses only increased 3%, allowing for a 5% gain.

During the recessions of 2008 and 2012 we approved the creation of over 800+ new jobs through supporting the LDFA in locating 2 global companies to our community; Inergy Automotive from France at the time was the only “NEW” development in the state of Michigan & Brose from Germany who renovated the Chrysler building.

Creatively utilizing CDBG funding to build a beautiful senior park and opening soon an additional building for the senior citizens to utilize.

Key issues facing our community:

  1. Public Safety/Restructure Fire Department as mentioned above.
  2. Improved recreational opportunities for ALL residents. I would like to secure funds for a part time Recreational Director who can also assist our Senior Manager when needed, once we secure a director he/she can get us back on track as we were prior to budget cuts and having the position eliminated. We were in the process of preparing a plan to develop over 100 acres of township property for little league, soccer, football and many other outside recreational opportunities. I am working on an avenue to secure outside funding that may assist in funding half the cost of the position however we will need some general fund support. Also Utilizing future CDBG/Federal funding to purchase a much needed senior van.
  3. Revive Downtown New Boston, the need to revitalize downtown New Boston is well overdue. With the big box stores taking over our day to day purchases; chain restaurants & online services making things easier, we as consumers are responsible for wanting and supporting our local businesses. We have 2 new restaurants that will be opening soon and some available real estate for future growth; so if we build it will they come? I’d like to see the Downtown area revitalized with new sidewalks, better parking and road improvements. The Historical Waltz bridge needs to either be renovated, moved and or replaced. The band aid Wayne County put on it is simply just that, a band aid. NOW how do we pay for it? We may be able to secure funding for the bridge in regards to Historical opportunities but typically there is a necessary match that needs to be attached by another entity. The DDA has not been able to capture the funds we had hoped for due to the drop in property values. I do not have the answer but I am willing to listen to the residents because I would like to see a quaint downtown as I remember existed in my childhood.

We have remained above water when many communities are still trying to float to the top. I am proud we successfully rode out 2 recessions in regards to keeping most of our essential service; fortunately, we weathered the storm. I don’t like the unpopular decisions any more than the you do, I too live here along with the majority of my family and many great friends. As your fellow resident/tax payer sometimes ugly decisions have to be made, I must base my decisions on what is financially responsible vs. what we may want. When I took the oath of office I swore to be fiscally responsible and I believe I have been as your treasurer. I have to look at all aspects of our community, all 15,000+ residents. Making a difference for the “greater good” is something my family lives by and I will continue to base my decisions on that fact, again it may not be popular but I always look at the big picture and what will make our future a great future and a great community to live for generations to come. I am honored to serve the residents of our community and ask for your support. Thank YOU!

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