‘Pennsylvania Road Project’ could relieve the blocking of railroad crossings in Huron Township, Romulus

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor


A partnership between Huron Township and the City of Romulus could potentially bring some much needed relief to the constant blocking of railroad crossings in both communities, officials say.

The blocked crossings, which are an obvious safety hazard for residents and first responders in both communities, have been an ongoing issue in the area for several years.

A resolution passed during a May 2 Romulus City Council meeting and dubbed the “Pennsylvania Road Project” says that “a bridge at the Pennsylvania Road Railroad crossing is needed to ensure public safety vehicles are able to respond in a timely fashion to emergencies in both Huron Township and the City of Romulus.”

Pennsylvania Road acts as a border between the two communities.

According to the resolution, the project — which was first named in 1999 by the Romulus Council — requested back then that the city administration send a communication to CSX railroad regarding the dangers of blocking Eureka and Pennsylvania Roads at the railroad crossings for a long period of time.

The resolution said that a copy of that same communication was also sent to state and federal officials and that a second similar request was sent to CSX Railroad in March 2000.

The current resolution was forwarded to officials in Huron Township, the Wayne County Commissioner, and state and federal officials.

“The City of Romulus elected officials, on behalf of the citizens of this community, do request that the ‘Pennsylvania Rd. Project’ be brought to the forefront immediately to protect the lives and homes in this area,” the resolution said.

Officials in both communities believe that a grade separation, which is a formal word for a bridge or underpass, could cost well over $30 million to build.

The cost of the project will hopefully be shared by both communities, and it is unclear whether funding from the state and federal government will be available to help with the burden.

Until then, local government hands are tied and railroad companies cannot be fined due to the fact that it is deemed interstate commerce, which is regulated within a state only by the Federal Government, according to Constitutional powers.

The location of the track in New Boston is a loading zone for the auto industry’s shipping of new vehicles, causing the crossings to be blocked for several minutes and leaving travelers without an option to get in or out of the community.

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8 thoughts on “‘Pennsylvania Road Project’ could relieve the blocking of railroad crossings in Huron Township, Romulus

  1. James

    The dumb thing about most of these crossing is the train could be broken apart by the site so that only one crossing is blocked. Yea it would take more time but these sites have the man power to do this. It would help with the issue.

  2. Faye bird

    Thank you Romulus for thinking of this idea way back in 1999. Thank you to your board for following up on the train blocking a. It appears our board did not follow up on this.. Election years brings out things we tax payers should know. The trucking company is one of the main reasons for the blacking however new companies coming in are told come to Huron two where you have rail excess for shipping. There are several Huron twp residents that solutions for relief. Maybe we need to have open communications for new ideas. I have spoke with employees of the car shipping co. They really do not care if they block the crossing. When the ldfa was first developed all of this should have been discussed and addressed. The quality of life for residents in Huron twp should have been addressed then not after the fact. My two cents.

    1. Linda Spangler

      Faye…Rolulus was who decided to back out. I believe it was in 2004/5. The Twp tried to get them back on board when Mitchell was supervisor but they were not interested. I worked w/him, our state rep & the police chef at the time w/no success. Whenever anything is done during an election year it’s easy to state “election year brings out things we tax payers should know”, local officials have to keep working unlike state & federal officials who go into lame duck during election cycles…

    2. Linda Spangler

      If we want to look backwards then we should blame those who approved TDSI in the first place, they should have made them do something then. Since they didn’t we are faced w/this pain in the neck issue…but all we can do is try to find a solution…

  3. Linda Troia

    We need it done now! People are sick and tired of the long waits, I have been late for doctor and other appointments because of trains stopped on the tracks!

  4. Tina

    I have been held up more than a 1/2 hour! I have seen the roads blocked from Waltz all the way thru Pennsylanvia Road!


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