Meet the candidates: RP Lilly running for trustee in Huron Township

Editor’s note: As the primary and general elections draw near, the residents in Huron Township would like to hear more about each candidate that is running for office or reelection.

Any person running in Huron is invited to use The Huron Hub as a platform to get their voice heard.

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Royal P. Lilly

Royal P. Lilly

RP Lilly is running as a write-in candidate in the upcoming general election — his name will not appear on the ballot. 

My Slogan is “Think Positive”

      • Married for 58 years to Helena Lilly
      • Five children, seven grandchildren, four great grandchildren
      • Huron Twp. Resident for 48 years
      • Retired Plant Manager Bethlehem Steel Corp.
      • Self employed,  Owner R.P. Lilly Enterprises, Inc. (Consultant/Steel Tank Institute/Certified Welding Inspector)
      • Bethlehem Steel Corp. (Various Management Training)
      • Michigan Air National Guard(1957-1966)
      • Past President Romulus Rotary Club
      • Member Huron Twp. Rotary Club
      • Chairman Huron Twp. Rotary Veterans Memorial Project
      • Huron Twp. Goodfellows Program
      • Life member Masonic Order 32nd Degree Mason
      • Member Willow United Methodist Church Board of Trustees
      • Member Michigan Environmental Council
      • Director of RECAP( Environmental Group opposing Hazardous Waste Well in Romulus)
      • Huron Township Trustee 2004- Present
      • Instrumental in forming DDA (Downtown Development Authority)
      • Huron Twp. Historical Commission (1998-2000)
      • Huron Twp. Planning Commission (1998-2008)
      • Huron Twp. Public Safety Commission (1998-2000)
      • Huron Twp. Manager Study Commission (1997-1998)
      • Current Chairperson Huron Twp. LDFA
      • Huron Township Election Commission (Current Member)
      • Huron Township Representative to CDBG Advisory Board (Current Representative)
      • Zoning  Ordinance Review Committee
      • Policies & Procedures Committee
      • Active participant W/ Wife in Food Pantry Distribution for the Needy

As you can see I have devoted a large part of my personal & private life to serving my community. I truly love my community.

Throughout my 48 year residency in Huron Township I have always referred to our Township as “The Beautiful Township of Huron.”

I pride myself as being a Team Player and try to concentrate on the positive achievements. I am an Optomist and I always see the glass as being half full, not half empty. I have always been fiscally responsible, do not believe in spending money without proper justification.

Image/RP Lilly

Image/RP Lilly

One of the most positive achievements in my term of Trustee has been my involvement in the LDFA.

The LDFA has played a very significant role on bringing  Inergy, Brose, SET Enterprises, and other facilities to our Township. This role has resulted in excess of 100 Million dollars of investment in our Township and an addition of a potential of over 1500 jobs, and additional Tax revenue for our Community and Schools. The development that has taken place within the LDFA area has had no negative impact on any residential areas.

The LDFA members are team players, and I am very proud of the progress that the LDFA has made. We are now concentrating on activities within the LDFA II Pinnacle Smart Zone area, which will result in good quality development, and return this large area back onto the tax rolls.

My Visions for the “Beautiful Township of Huron” are:

      • A Township with a stable, efficient government, managed in a professional manner,free of bickering, secret agendas, with co-operation from all Board Members.
      • A Township with adequate facilities for Township Government, Police, Fire, Senior Citizens, and Township Youth Recreation.
      • A grade separation to relieve congestion, and blocked rail crossings in our Township.
      • Progress within the Pinnacle Smart Zone Area returning those large areas to the Tax Rolls, and creating good quality jobs for our citizens.
      • Creating the position of Public Safety Director to oversee the Police and Fire Departments.

I feel the most serious issue that our citizens are confronted with today are the blocked rail crossings throughout our Township. This issue has been a major concern to me for years, and I  offer the following :

      • Demand that CSX and TDSI install electronic devices or cameras at each rail crossing in the Township which would transmit a signal to the Police Dispatch Center when the crossing was blocked. This would allow the dispatcher to choose the best route for the Emergency Vehicles to respond in a timely manner.
      • Create a partnership with the City of Romulus to Demand that  our County, State, and Federal officials secure a method of funding for a grade separation on Pennsylvania Road which is the border of the 2 communities. See the attached Resolution from the City of Romulus dated 5/2/2016.

I am very proud of my achievements and contributions to my community, and I feel my track record speaks for itself.

I offer you experience, maturity, honesty, integrity, compromise, knowledge of the township, and stability. I have no hidden agendas.

An optomist sees opportunity in every difficulty, and a pessamist sees difficulty in every opportunity.

R.P. Lilly


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