Meet the candidates: Kristy Novicki running for trustee in Huron Township

Editor’s note: As the primary and general elections draw near, the residents in Huron Township would like to hear more about each candidate that is running for office or reelection.

Any person running in Huron is invited to use The Huron Hub as a platform to get their voice heard.

If you’re a candidate running for office, submit your proposal to:

Readers can access previously published candidate letters HERE.


Kristy Novicki

My name is Kristy Novicki and I am looking to be elected as Trustee to the Huron Township Board of Trustees. Although I am running as a Democrat I do not see myself as a politician but rather as an ordinary citizen who is looking to make my community a better place.  I have lived in Huron Township since 2005. I am married to my husband, Paul, whose family has been here for over a hundred years. I have two children, Jaiden and Christian,  and three step-children, Zack, Kendall and Madison. I am currently a board member of the Huron Historical Society, a member of the American Legion Auxiliary, the VFW Auxiliary and I have served as both Precinct Chairperson and Co-chairperson for Huron Township elections for the past several years. I was one of the founding members of Huron Township CERT  (Community Emergency Response Team) where I was co-coordinator and an instructor. In this position I earned certificates for disaster preparedness, cpr/first aid, hazardous materials, weapons of mass destruction, and search and rescue.  I currently volunteer for Love a Michigan Vet Project and formerly volunteered for Huron Goodfellows and Huron Township Police Explorers.   I have several items on my platform should I be elected which include the following: In regards to public safety I would like to see a reorganization and restructuring of the fire department. We need to restore our EMS service to a transporting agency. There is a need to increase staffing to adequate, safe numbers.  Equipment needs to be updated to current standards. Protocols and safety procedures need to be updated and followed. I believe changes can be made through careful budgeting, seeking grants and fundraising.  In the police department we should have updated equipment. There should be an expansion of knowledge of current and advancing technology and techniques. There needs to be increased staffing in the dispatch center. Our current dispatchers are overwhelmed, more often having one person handling calls for HTPD, HTFD. Sumpter PD, Sumpter FD and the Metroparks Police. I feel we need to bring back an Animal Control officer for the safety and health of animals and residents.   In regards to Township government I feel that there should be a review of ordinances as many are outdated. We should have more transparency. Elected officials should be available and willing to meet with residents. There should be a review of current contracts and job descriptions with evaluations to make adjustments accordingly.   In regards to our train issues we need to try to work harder with federal, state, county and the railroads  to find a resolution to the growing problems caused by their traffic. The same goes with our roadways.  There is a need to work with the county and state to try to improve maintenance of our roadways. Possibly increasing weight restrictions and enforcement of semi-trucks.  I would like to see smaller businesses brought in so we can see an improvement in goods and services  but not lose our small town appeal.  I believe if we, as board members, work together with our citizens, we can make Huron Township an even better place to live, raise families and attract business to our home.

Thank you for your support,

Kristy Novicki, 734-775-5622,


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