Letter to the editor: DDA Secretary thanks residents for adopting, taking care of trees in the community

Photo courtesy of Linda Dyer

A resident’s personal memorial placed under an adopted tree in downtown New Boston. Photos courtesy of Linda Dyer

The Huron Downtown Development Authority is authorized by Public Act 197 of 1975. The primary purpose of a DDA is to help correct and prevent deterioration in a business district and to promote economic growth of the area. The DDA is allowed to capture any property tax money, within the district,  that is over and above the amount of total taxable values, of the year the authority was established.

Well as luck would have it, the Huron DDA was established in 2007-2008 just as the real estate market began its decline. The amount of DDA tax capture was minimal due to the economy for the following few years. Projects completed were small but were part of the adopted DDA Plan, such as a ’”Welcome to New Boston” sign.

Efforts to bring people to the downtown district  included  a very successful annual car show and an outdoor market. Some money was contributed to the Samuel Adam’s Historical House for sidewalk improvements. A matching grant sponsored by DTE for the planting of 12 trees on Huron River Drive was another project .

The Township DPW, due to budget constrictions and manpower, could not provide the new trees with the needed maintenance. The summer of 2012 was extremely dry and watering was done by a few residents and volunteers from time to time. And of course the weeds survived in spite of the dry weather. Thus, the beginning of another small project named : adopt a tree program!

IMG_2604 IMG_2592

A special thank you to the following people who have given their time and skills to our community by maintaining a particular tree-site on Huron River Drive (from the bank to around the corner on to the Historical House). Planting flowers, watering periodically, and weeding around the tree they chose to adopt. Each volunteer has a sense of pride in the community and some individuals also use the site as a personal memorial to a loved one. Gardening often provides a sense of peacefulness. Kudos to:

  1. Iris Iott – Sterling St.
  2. Cindy Conley – Ellis St.
  3. Theresa Williams – Otter Rd.
  4. Joni Prentice and daughter Patti Schiller
  5. Karen Feldt – Huron River Dr.
  6. Shelly Rouse and daughter Lauri Bettendorf
  7. Marsha Stoner – Evans St.
  8. Raymond Wood – Evans St
  9. Michael Glaab – Hannan Rd.
  10. Linda Dyer – Huron River Dr.
  11. Fola Brooks  – Huron River Dr.
  12. Antoinette Gracia – Judd Rd.

Being involved creates a sense of pride!


Linda Dyer
DDA Secretary

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