Meet the candidates: David Haener running for supervisor in Huron Township

Editor’s note: As the primary and general elections draw near, the residents in Huron Township would like to hear more about each candidate that is running for office or reelection.

Any person running in Huron is invited to use The Huron Hub as a platform to get their voice heard.

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David Haener

David Haener

Dear Neighbors,

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself to the great residents of Huron Township. I am David Haener and I am a Democrat running for Huron Township Supervisor.  I was born and raised right here in this great community.  I attended grade school here and started volunteering at a very early age. Service above self is something I learned from a large loving family and close friends.

I am proud graduate of University of Detroit with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. While in college I also studied Economics and Education, and was offered jobs by two of my professors, one to work in economics studying the effects of NAFTA and the other to teach in the math department.  After graduating, I secured a position as software developer with an early internet startup. I worked on projects for the PBA, 1996 Olympics, AirTrans, and many others in my early years.

In my over 20 years of experience in business and technology, I worked hand in hand with small and large businesses, government entities, and non-profits. I’ve continuously proven my ability to help them grow, prosper and create jobs. I have a keen knowledge of technology and marketing, and an out of the box business acumen. I have been responsible for budgets, contracts, timelines and projects for companies like Xerox, Home Depot, MCI, Roche, IBM, Motorola, as well as small Mom and Pop shops. On occasion, I was able to help those small businesses generate over a million dollars in new revenue.

In 2011 I refocused my career and began volunteering more and working with non-profits. I saw working with non-profits as a way to start giving back to the community and working to make things better. I brought my business and technology background with me to help reduce costs and enhance services. Having new access to research has reminded me of what I learned in education courses while studying in college: education is key to the long term prosperity and opportunity for individuals and their community.

Born to a family with strong beliefs, I learned about God and service to others very early. I am a member and volunteer with the Sons of The American Legion and the Yankee Air Museum, in honor of my father, who fought in WWII and was a member of both. I currently serve as a member of the parish consul at St. Stephen’s in New Boston, where my mother and father were both active members and volunteers. I am a member and volunteer with:

  • Michigan Democratic Party (Elected precinct delegate)
  • Southwestern Wayne Democratic Club (Huron Trustee)
  • 12th Congressional District Democrats
  • Huron Township Historical Society
  • Huron Township Rotary

These organizations have helped me serve the community and form friendships with community leaders as well as local, state, and federal policy makers. Building these relationships is essential for helping our township move forward.

My family has lived in Huron Township since 1918 when my grandparents moved from Detroit to farm, bringing 7 children. It had been a blessing growing up in such a family oriented community and living within a mile of my aunts, uncles and so many cousins.  Haeners have been very active in their communities whether in the Military, Church, Politics, Unions, Volunteering or Education.  I will bring that kind of service above self to the position of Huron Township Supervisor.


  • 12th Congressional District Democrats
  • UAW Region 1A
Courtesy of David Haener

Courtesy of David Haener

Now you may want to know some of the things I will be working on, so here is a short list:

Train traffic as we all know is causing undue hardships on our resident’s daily lives. Stopped trains are not only a hazard because they block our fire and police departments from protecting us, but it is strangling some of our businesses as well. Some residents have even told me they’re considering moving because of this issue alone. To solve this problem I have been talking with open minded members of our state and federal government to come up with a permanent solution to this stranglehold on our community.  We shouldn’t be forced to bear the cost of this burden thrust upon us alone.

Open government, means residents deserve to have access to the documents of the township. Making government information available to the public is a requirement for an informed citizenry and an accountable government. On day one I will start sharing as many documents digitally as I can for free and making them searchable.  I will make available permanently all township board meeting videos going forward and as many as I can from the past, that have not already been destroyed. YouTube allows us to store them online for free, and I fought to get them posted there in the first place. There is no reason to hide them after the minutes have been posted. You are the owners of this information you should be able to get to it with ease!

Availability, to the residents will be a big part of my job as supervisor.  You will be able to find me like you currently do on most days in the community if I am not at the office.  My office will be open to everyone and my calendar will be published online. Sometime you may not be able to make to the office during business hours so I will make myself available when it is good for you. I am already looking forward to working with you!

Seniors, need to have the ability to get around, be well informed, and protected.  I will not let our senior busses fall into disrepair, because for some this is the only way they can get around.  I have been talking with many who were unaware of the services that are available to them and I will continue to reach out to all of them.  I will be meeting regularly to make sure our seniors are up to date on local threats including fraud. My office will be a place to go to get information.

Events and Activities are vitally important to bring residents together, and to bring business to our community. I will be working with different organizations inside and outside of our community to bring more activities home for our residents. Currently I am working with our Huron Rotary to bring a new Tasting event to Huron Township. This will be the first year for this event and we are hoping it will be a big success.  Sometimes it takes some out of the box ideas to make things work. If you have a great idea to bring residents together, please let me know!

Public safety and roads need to be addressed.
With revenue cuts by the state government, and changes in how local
government is allowed to enforce laws the state has effectively stolen money and rights from our community. These changes have made Huron less safe! I have worked on making changes to some state laws to help our township. I have had to go outside of our district to get traction. These changes would help pay for an extra officer and safer roads.  I will bring proven leadership and needed integrity to the township office.

Community based ambulance service loss has been a major concern to many residents I met with.  I spoke out against outsourcing emergency transport and the dangers of it. I have witnessed firsthand the outsourced drivers coming from outside our community on a run. I will be working with some new board members to make Huron Township safe again. We need ambulances and drivers based here that know the area when minutes count. We need leaders who understand that!

In closing, I will make sure our township is living within it’s means and and being fiscally responsible while keeping our residents and visitors safe. I will not allow wasteful spending on projects that are not needed or ill conceived. I will work hard to stop the deterioration that is going on in our community. I will respect the citizens that come before the board to be heard.  I will be your strong voice on the board. I will ask and answer the hard questions our residents want answered.  I will be in the office on business days and I will make myself available when it is good for you! I will not duck out the back because you are my boss and I will be accountable to you!

I look forward to working with you on our exciting future!

Have a wonderful day!

David Haener
Candidate for Huron Township Supervisor
Friends of David Haener
35100 Huron River Dr.
New Boston Michigan 48164


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