Police to beef-up patrols, strictly enforce curfew after recent criminal activity at Huron Estates

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor


Police in Huron Township will beef up their patrols in the Huron Estates mobile home community following a whole slew of recent criminal activity that has taken place in the area over the past month.

Police Chief Everette Robbins says residents in the community will see an increase in the amount of officers that patrol the mobile home park.

“What we must all keep in mind is that 99 percent of the people that live in that community are great, hardworking people that are just trying to raise their family in a safe environment,” he said.

“I refuse to let the bad one percent make the good people afraid to live in their own neighborhood.”

Robbins said that throughout the month of May, Huron Township Police conducted 14 investigations of home invasions and breaking and entering cases in Huron Estates.

Just this week, an arsonist set fire to three sheds in the park, causing damage to homes and property.

Nicholas Deno's booking photo courtesy of the Huron Township Police Department.

Nicholas Deno’s booking photo courtesy of the Huron Township Police Department.

On May 18, 29-year-old Nicholas Deno, a resident of Huron Estates, was arrested following a home invasion that was reported in the 22000 block of Dubois.

Police believe that Deno was also involved in a home invasion on May 13 in the 22000 block of Duvalle.

Robbins said that, “It was apparent by the number of Home Invasions that were occurring that many or all of them were related. Although Deno was only charged with two crimes at this point, we anticipate him to be charged in several more home invasions in the near future.”

Both charges carry a 20 year prison sentence.

Deno was arraigned on the charges and given a $25,000/10% bond on each charge. He is currently lodged in the Wayne County Jail.

Recent arson investigation

During the overnight hours of May 31, police and fire personnel responded to three fires in the mobile home park — all believed to be the work of an arsonist.

Robbins said that residential sheds in the 27500 block of Moulon Rouge and 21900 block of Lafons were set on fire.

In addition, several yard waste bags were also set on fire in the 21900 block of Lafons.

Multiple mobile homes suffered damage due to the shed fires.

No one was injured during the fires and the Huron Township Detective Bureau is actively following up on several investigative leads.

Robbins said that his department currently contracts with Huron Estates to provide a dedicated officer inside their community for 16 hours per week.

He said this is in addition to regular patrol response.

“We have an outstanding relationship with the management at Huron Estates. They are always happy to help us with anything we need including beginning the eviction process on people that commit criminal acts within the community. We are in discussions daily about how we can enhance the security in their community. We continue to discuss an action plan moving forward that will work for everyone.”

The curfew violation ordinance in Huron Township.

The curfew violation ordinance in Huron Township.

Throughout the summer, Huron Police will step up their presence in the park, with a focus on curfew violations.

Robbins said that if a juvenile is caught breaking the curfew ordinance, a parent can be cited.

“There is no excuse for a parent to not know where their kids are during the overnight hours. It is simple, if we find a juvenile out breaking curfew, they will be cited along with their parents and the parents can explain to a judge why they did not know where their child was,” he said.

“A zero tolerance approach will be in effect by our officers throughout not only this time, but throughout the entire summer. The reality is that to be effective, we cannot do this alone. It is important that we get buy in from the residents in the community.”


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