Only a fraction of each property tax dollar goes to township operation, according to Plante Moran audit report

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor

During the May 11 Board of Trustees meeting, Plante Moran, Huron Township’s financial consulting firm, presented the 2015 financial audit to the board.

Documents presented during that meeting show that just under three cents of each property tax dollar funds the township’s operations.

The largest chunk of tax revenue funds the schools, with the school debt and police funds nearly coming in at second place.

Check out the following documents obtained from Township Hall:



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6 thoughts on “Only a fraction of each property tax dollar goes to township operation, according to Plante Moran audit report

  1. Sunny Boulton

    My husband believes that as senior citizens in Huron Township we do not have to pay the school portion of our taxes. Is this true or false?

    1. Scott Bolthouse Post author

      I wish I could answer that question Sunny, but I’m no tax expert. Maybe someone with some more knowledge can answer…

    2. John Ryan

      That would be incorrect. You can’t pay property taxes only for services that you utilize. If you could, the school district would instantaneously be bankrupted. As a citizen you can vote your opinions when the opportunity to renew or pass new millages that are proposed, but omitting the school portion of your property taxes on your tax bill would be tax evasion.

  2. John g

    As it should be….you want great schools and great police services.Safe area and great schools mean greater property value.If you want bad schools and an understaffed police force,there’s always inkster.But on a positive not you can buy a house there for $40000.

  3. Linda Taylor Dyer

    All property owners pay 6 mills (a mill equals $1.00 for every 1,000 of your properties’ taxable value) to the State Education Tax (SET). There is also an 18 mill school levy that is exempted to persons who own AND reside on the parcel. This is called the Primary Residence Exemption (PRE). Businesses do not qualify for the 18 mill exemption nor do landlords who rent out their property. Soooo, Bryan could be considered to be sort of right!


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