Two eighth graders arrested after admitting to bomb threat at Renton Junior High School Tuesday

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor Twitter: @ScottMBolt


Renton Junior High School in New Boston (Google Street View)

Two eighth grade students at Renton Junior High School in New Boston were arrested Tuesday after they admitted to writing a bomb threat on a bathroom wall in the school.

Police Chief Everette Robbins says that the bomb threat was reported at 1:45 p.m. during fifth hour at the school, and multiple units from the Huron Township Police Department responded.

School administration also quickly put the school on lockdown.

Within 15 minutes, detectives were able to identify the students who wrote the threat.

Both were placed under arrest and transported to the Wayne County Juvenile Detention Center.

Robbins says his department has requested felony charges from the Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

“I want to thank the Renton Jr. High Staff, the principals, teachers, secretaries, and custodians for all of the hard work, support, and diligence in keeping our students safe, I cannot express effectively into words how great of a staff we have at Renton. Mostly, I want to thank the hundreds of students that are coming to school and doing the right things each and every day; it is a shame that poor decision making by a handful of students is becoming a reflection on many great young men and women,” he said.

“As we have in each of these incidents, we continued to have a large police presence throughout the school day following the threat.

“I can assure parents that each and every incident is being taken seriously. From a criminal investigative standpoint, we are doing everything within the scope of the law to hold the students accountable for their actions.”

Students were released at the end of the day Tuesday in a normal manner.

To read more about recent bomb threats at Renton, view our police news tab.

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3 thoughts on “Two eighth graders arrested after admitting to bomb threat at Renton Junior High School Tuesday

  1. Anonymous.

    As a student, Im actually suprised to see the amount of stupidity that has been going on in that damn building. These kids are utterly mental if they think this is funny. Acts of terror ruined many peoples lives, I.E. boston bombing,paris attacks, and 911.

    If the school can do me a solid and just throw these useless pieces of cancer and press charges, ill clean the whole building top to bottom for a week straight.

  2. Unknown

    Seriously!!!!! Felony Charges!!!! I’m sorry, but I just think that’s a bit extreme!!!! And,…..yes, I am perfectly aware of how serious a bomb threat is. I’m not saying that these kids don’t need consequences or punished if you will, but Felony Charges?? These kids need rehabilitated with counseling. Maybe community work, etc…. To just slap theses kind of charges on a child is just to me overkill!! I mean these kids will have that carried with them the rest of their lives! My heart goes out to them because they are children. Children make mistakes and poor choices. What they did is an extreme bad choice. I just don’t think that will solve anything for them other than identify them the rest of their lives as Felons. This is not the answer as a punishment. This in my eyes is not a good way to show the other kids either. Everyone deserves a chance to get better and do better, but not charging them with a Felony!!! There are way better, more positive resources out there to help these kids. I’m just saying….. Everyone has An opinion and this is mine!!! I pray the lord leads and guides them

  3. Anonymous

    This is geting out of hand these dam kids know right from wrong. Grow the hell up amd stop the bs…you r in school with other familys kids and you want to pull a dumb move like that they get what they deserved they go to school to learn not to pull dumb stuff like this….and a boom threat is no jokeing matter especially being a parent praying to god its not TRUE because now a days you never know and whos to say you kid will come ome from school that same day over one kid trying to show his butt…….and thinking its fun amd games. Come one we all seen the sandy hook story this world is sick and you never know if one day one kid will do it and mean it… play like a adult get treated like a adults 8 grade u know whats wrong and scaren familys to who knows if its TRUE……i know everytime i get that same phone call for the last past two weeks i pray its a joke……. because you CANT TRUST NO ONE AND MY CHILD LIFE IS NOT GOING BE ENDED OVER SOME HARD HEAD KIDS GAME…….HURON NEEDS TO GET IT TOGETHER


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