Meet the candidates: Antoinette Gracia running for clerk in Huron Township

As the Aug. 2 primary election draws near, the residents in Huron Township would like to hear more about each candidate that is running for office or reelection. Any person running in Huron is invited to use The Huron Hub as a platform to get their voice heard.
If you’re a candidate running for office, submit your proposal to

Toni Gracia

Toni Gracia

Dear Huron Township residents,

My name is Antoinette Gracia. I am running for the office of clerk. Most of you will know me as Toni. I am a mother of two adult children; Jennifer Gracia and Jack Jr Gracia, and a grandma of five.

I have lived in Huron Township for 43 years and attended school here.

I have owned and operated my own business (J. & T. Gracia’s Greenhouse) for 35 years. Part of my operations include sales to the public, managing employees, deliveries, keeping deadlines, record keeping & bookkeeping.

I was also active in my boat club serving as Fleet Captain. Some of my responsibilities were safety on the water and recording attendance of boats and members at regattas. I also served on the bylaws committee for over 10 years. I also was involved in fund raising. This experience will be very important for the clerk position.

My platform for running is my passion for Huron Township. I want to promote keeping it up to date without disturbing our small town feel. Keeping our township moving in a forward direction regarding trains blocking intersections and ambulance service is a priority. Striving to keep communication open with you and staying transparent is also very important.

I am available for your questions and concerns always. I am a down to earth person and feel this will make it easy for me to voice your concerns.

Thank you in advance for your vote!

Antoinette Gracia



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