(UPDATED) WXYZ: Stopped train not responsible for slow fire response, fire chief says

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor
ScottBolthouse@HuronHub.com Twitter: @ScottMBolt

403564_220351981408831_707605313_nIt was reported Thursday by many media outlets that a train delayed the Huron Firefighters to a house fire that occurred Wednesday.

Now, according to WXYZ, the fire chief says that the blocked intersection did not have an impact on fire response. 

The cause, he said, was that the township only had one firefighter on duty at the time the call came in.

Still, he expressed concerns about regular railroad blockages in the township, and said that his crews have, in the past, had to divert to other crossings due to blocked trains.

The home was reportedly on Winding Creek and was unoccupied, and no injuries were reported.

A statement from CSX was released Thursday morning:

“To the best of our ability, CSX works to minimize blocked crossings by operating trains at the posted speed limit and anticipating traffic wherever we can. There are circumstances that sometimes prohibit this from occurring and I am checking to see what was occurring yesterday that may have impacted operations in the New Boston area,” said Gail Lobin, CSX corporate communications.

“We work with first responders throughout our network, providing training and support and are in frequent contact in local communities when we anticipate operational impacts in local communities.

Safety is our  highest priority and we encourage residents who have concerns about blocked crossings, or any aspect of our railroad operations, to report these to our TellCSX system at 877-TellCSX (877-835-5297) or online through www.csx.com.”

This article has been updated

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3 thoughts on “(UPDATED) WXYZ: Stopped train not responsible for slow fire response, fire chief says

  1. taxpayer

    if it’s possible, build the tracks over the road like they did in westland on Newburgh rd between cherry hill rd amd palmer rd. someone is gonna get seriously hurt or killed someday because of q stopped train and the city should be held responsible and sued if something ever does happen! something needs to be done!

  2. resident

    Only one Firefighter on duty? Didn’t the township used to have three Firefighters on duty? Maybe the township should hire more Firefighters.


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