Second threatening incident within two days causes lockdown at Renton Junior High School Friday

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor Twitter: @ScottMBolt


Renton Junior High, 31578 Huron River Drive. Source: Google Maps

An unspecified threat locked down Renton Junior High School again Friday morning, less than 24 hours after a bomb threat was made against the school on Thursday, which resulted in a lockdown and a large police response.

Police Chief Everette Robbins said Friday afternoon that the lockdown has been lifted, and that there will be a visible police presence at the school for the remainder of the day.

Law enforcement was first notified of the threat at the beginning of the school day.

Robbins confirmed that Friday’s threat was not a bomb threat, but more specific in nature and involved a time-frame, which is why bomb sniffing dogs did not respond to the school.

Police are currently interviewing students at the school in an attempt to find out where the threat originated from.

“The staff at Renton have gone above and beyond, and my hat’s off to them,” Robbins said.

“They are doing everything they can to help prevent incidents like these.”

Robbins recommends that parents who have students in school have a talk with their children, and that preventing these types of threats starts at home.

Earlier in the year, two bomb threats were made against Huron High School, one written on a bathroom wall in the school, and another made using a social media account.

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1 thought on “Second threatening incident within two days causes lockdown at Renton Junior High School Friday

  1. Karri

    Is there any way that an Assembly could take place at the beginning of the year in schools to let these kids know, how severe the charges are for putting these types of threats out there? Some kids just think these kinds of things are a joke!! It’s not funny.


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