Bathroom wall bomb threat locks down Renton Junior High School in New Boston Thursday

By Scott Bolthouse
Hub Editor Twitter: @ScottMBolt

Source: Google Maps

Image source: Google Maps

An 8th grade student at Renton Junior High School in New Boston wrote a bomb threat on a wall that was discovered Thursday, Huron Township Police say.

The threat was located during the final hour of school, Police Chief Everette Robbins says.

“Huron Township School Resource Officer James Poma was on school grounds and immediately began an investigation.”

Both the Huron Township K9 unit and the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department’s K9, along with other law enforcement personnel, responded to the school, 31578 Huron River Drive.

The police dogs that searched the building were trained in bomb detection.

Robbins says that school administration put the school on a lock down when the threat was discovered.

The 8th grade student admitted to writing the threat, and he and his parents are cooperating with the investigation.

Students were released in a typical manner at the end of the day, Robbins said.

“The school administration acted quickly to ensure that all of the students were safe. Student safety will always be our biggest concern. We had our School Resource Officer on the scene immediately which was very beneficial for everyone involved.”

“This investigation was handled seriously and appropriately from the very beginning. At no time did we believe that the students were in any immediate danger.”

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2 thoughts on “Bathroom wall bomb threat locks down Renton Junior High School in New Boston Thursday

  1. Shell

    What’s wrong with these kids today. Parents need to be more involved. Both Of my kids went there and I also attended the district, what is this world coming to.


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